Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Star Trek movie trailer

The first extended trailer was released this weekend with the new James Bond movie. If you haven't seen it there (and it looks much cooler on a big screen!), then check this out...

If it's half as good as this trailer looks...we just might be in for a very fun ride with the Trek kids!

The official studio site for the movie was also updated yesterday. It's a nice visual concept, but unfortunately, it's a very flash-heavy site and tends to freeze up a bit at certain points (it happened twice for me in the photos section).

It never ceases to amaze me how some studios continue to build these huge, fancy, technology-filled sites, while forgetting that many people will have trouble viewing it on their computers. When that happens...people just stop going to their site, which is the opposite of what the studios want.

To the studios who do that, I say....

That is illogical.

Oh...and Duh.

Here are some additional photos from the trailer, like wee Spock (above).

Winona Ryder playing Spock's human mother, Amanda, and Ben Cross playing his father, Sarek.

Kirk and Spock brooding on the pristine iMac bridge.

Uhura lookin' sassy.

Sulu lookin'...well, just lookin'.

Kirk and a female in their space underoos, possibly, about to have relations.

Can you hear the sound of thousands of Trek fans getting inappropriately excited?

In space...no one can hear you ovulate.

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