Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Friday

 photo 923150a6-6d9b-455e-8e89-bbd3b76d994b_zps7576f968.jpg

I found two funny videos today...the first is the "Honest Trailer" for the movie Les Miserables. Although I thought the studio did a fine job with the movie visually, it's definitely not my favorite play and the video trailer pretty much says what I felt about the film after watching it.

The second video is a commercial for the new Star Trek Game, which features William Shatner sitting on a couch playing against the Gorn lizard from the original Star Trek series, who happens to be sitting right beside him.

 photo 3ecc03a4-a7f2-489f-a192-fdc533ed1b15_zpsfa36b10d.jpg

They argue and get into an impromptu fight in Shatner's living room that mirrors the ridiculously awful combat they got into on his show years ago.

Hilarity ensues.

And, if you want to remind yourself of just how awfully staged their original fight was on Star Trek,  enjoy this.....

The poor actor in the lizard suit with the sleestak slurp could barely move in the costume, which makes Kirk's leisurely "bob and weave" fighting all the more hilarious.

Kills me!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gee I...

 photo 9afe5f6c-f8b8-4c59-9eed-ec74ff4465b3_zps72a54fc9.jpg

Well, G.I. Joe: Retaliation opened today. I didn't see the first one, but this one looks like it has a much better...plot.

 photo 865dad46-f1e6-4720-8910-0f162837d318_zpscf74bb87.jpg

There's Channing Tatum...he was also in the first movie.

 photo 54c053a0-4785-4700-a6e4-d9dc3c752395_zps9f0e0757.jpg

There's Bruce Willis...he wasn't in the first one.

 photo e15e1645-2c5a-4e47-8368-8bbaa917ee82_zpsd2d6febd.jpg

And there's Dwayne Johnson. He wasn't in the first one either.

I can't explain it, but for some unknown reason I feel like I should probably go see this movie.

 photo DwayneJohnson_zps5cde4fc2.jpg

I'll see it for...the children.

We really need to do more for the children.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wolverine 2 Trailer

 photo W2_zpsb85166e5.jpg

The new trailer for the upcoming Wolverine sequel was released today and it looks pretty good.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Alan! Alan!

OMG...if animals really spoke like these do, I'd spend all of my time in the wilderness.

And by wilderness, I mean a full-furnished and air-conditioned hotel room near them.

But, I would definitely sit outside on my balcony with a large drink and listen to them converse in their natural habitat until one of my shows came on...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Full Star Trek trailer

 photo 0d29c4a2-b7ef-459f-9876-c8a6a2ab1cf8_zpsd2114730.jpg

 photo 2c5fb246-0e69-4e2e-9711-b3332a8a1294_zpscef8f91a.jpg

Although Paramount is releasing the first full length International trailers for Star Trek Into Darkness in the coming week with the new G.I. Joe: Retaliation sequel, it's available now online and is looking really fun-filled and action-packed!

 photo 43492089-b632-4817-a5af-01284ae4356f_zps97e1b43e.jpg

 photo bf3b6962-53b3-412a-b9a4-41454d1389ea_zpsccc13366.jpg

 photo 23ac79ca-8fed-4320-b529-1942147a259a_zps5991c37c.jpg

 photo ae254d6b-d564-47a3-bde7-3568a28ca14a_zps9bc707d9.jpg

 photo b93cc260-0d57-42fb-b596-b0b6bae33ded_zpsf2453ab8.jpg

 photo 1c6eda8d-77df-475e-bd95-fe3651381d60_zps5db464b8.jpg

 photo cf487fec-5f91-4f3f-9fb4-87bb6cc894f6_zps9efc31f3.jpg

 photo 8a391e1e-c6c7-44f8-af5d-3ca080345d5e_zpsd64edcd6.jpg

 photo 6d05d441-87c7-4c30-bd0f-14ced07abe62_zps3cb99216.jpg

The trailers just keep looking better and better!

Only eight more weeks until it opens.

It's making me completely mental, I must say!

 photo EdGrimley_zpsb9cfa846-1_zps05440b1b.jpg

It also appears that the Dr. Carol Marcus character we knew from Star Trek: Wrath of Khan (on the right below) seems to have spent some quality time in the gym when she was younger (on the left) in the alternate universe.

 photo 26310c18-d921-4358-8b3e-726660248ef6_zpsec80165d.jpg

It's good to know that Pilates has a place in the future.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Downton Zombie

 photo 19389325-fbe1-44c6-b9cc-64c337c99089_zps117ecb2f.jpg

You all know how much I enjoy Downton Abbey. However, if they ever changed formats and incorporated zombies, I'd have to stop watching.

That being said, this is still pretty entertaining....

I love that the Dowager Countess is indestructible.

 photo 78f4afd9-4d11-43ff-a741-7a0d4b7c751b_zpsed99d683.jpg

As it should be.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Days of Yore

This old video tour of Hollywood (voiced by Bob "Hogan's Heroes" Crane) is pretty cool. It's amazing how much space and greenery used to be around the various studios and Hollywood itself.

Kitty certainly did a good job of pretending she was looking down from that rickety helicopter.

"Oh that Kitty" was one of my favorite TV shows...never.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Betta' Mood

What if Jackee Harry (from the TV show 227) was the star of Showtime's Nurse Jackie, you ask?

Well, the result would be this...

I bet Maaarrry would watch it on the stoop.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

City Slickers

 photo 03115a75-3111-4020-bb6e-5b57a2dd550d_zpsde35a418.jpg

I will admit that I never liked wrestling when I did it in school. However, Turkey really knows how to step up the game and make it more entertaining for everyone. get olive oil poured on you...

 photo 3ec325e9-9843-425a-aa08-9176638468e6_zps286bfcf9.jpg

Then you head over to join your teammates on the field....

 photo 11b96aa0-5c83-4d58-a3fc-049c5d27d242_zps1ad5c693.jpg

And then...everyone just starts to wrestle in various couplings in the grass.

 photo 37f4b80a-0604-4abe-8e2b-f681ac6a6b75_zps92818e2e.jpg

And, for a macho sport that isn't supposed to be gay at all....uhh, pardon me, but where is your other hand, sir?

 photo 875ff217-2aba-48f4-bca7-2a47846fc28f_zpsabeb2eac.jpg

It appears that the way you win is by pinning your guy down and doing a LOT of this...

 photo d81901d7-f834-4956-8ddb-ff222a06ac1a_zps6ae182a0.jpg

Didn't find your keys? Why not check over here...

 photo ea243812-64b4-4dc3-937e-cdd4cf1cc0fc_zps6f3e45aa.jpg

Are you SURE they aren't back there?

 photo 1c18dcaa-0f31-42cf-830f-b9905939ff97_zps00b8593b.jpg

Hey wait...they are definitely not down there? Well, you might want to keep looking anyway...

 photo d3d40e83-5978-463e-b90e-629b2258a633_zps6e823190.jpg

Here is a video of some of the festivities...

Then, once everyone has retrieved their belongings from the other guy's pants...the winning team celebrates.

 photo 1c8b38f7-b4ae-405d-bd82-d891b372d2d6_zps5d725806.jpg

And everyone finds a friend and heads off to the showers.

 photo 83152e2e-a140-4132-9cef-a4d5dee1f5a3_zps8535373b.jpg

They really need to make this an Olympic sport.

And I really need to visit Turkey.

If you'd like to see larger versions of these pictures and a few here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Monster-Mobile

 photo bde4cb6a-9f05-40ee-9ffc-e02fc0e53099_zpsaf008b5d.jpg

When Lady Gaga has hip surgery, no regular wheelchair will do....

A 24-Karat gold plated chair with a black leather seat complete with a removable leather canopy. The chair can also recline all the way back if Gaga needs to lie down.

I wonder if insurance covers that?

If so...I'd like one too.

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Star Trek trailer

 photo 25c21422-f56f-4d79-9b51-be5148efb30c_zps4a036e5b.jpg

A new teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was released this weekend and it features a lot of new footage that hasn't appeared in previous versions...

 photo Star_Trek_Into_Dar_1688719q_zpse9f48ec6.jpg

Still looking great, without giving away any major spoilers.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Iron Man 3 Trailer

 photo bea031ea-8faa-481f-8ad1-b951a5b43d68_zps3535b156.jpg

A longer and more action-packed trailer for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie was released this week and, I have to say, it looks even better than the previous versions.

Trying to keep my hopes low, but that trailer was just all kinds of awesome!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Live Each Day

 photo 6b902a23-77d0-4e77-aa5d-9c7f4dcfbabe_zpsd8985d00.jpg

This is very sad news from the latest issue of People Magazine....

Valerie Harper is facing a devastating diagnosis: terminal brain cancer. A battery of tests revealed she has leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread into the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. 

Her doctors say she has as little as three months left to live.

Resolved to face her last days with courage and humor, "I don't think of dying," says the actress, 73, "I think of being here now."

She is definitely handling this tragic news much better than most of us would.

My heart and prayers go out to her as she prepares for her final days on this planet.

So sad.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Not so wicked

 photo faf6987d-1b8f-483f-bbdf-dae3fdcb6aed_zps111cbd9a.jpg

Mila Kunis plays one of the witches in Oz: The Great and Powerful (which opens this Friday) and, while doing her press tour, she encounters a very young and quite nervous British interviewer and handles him in the most awesome way.

It's so nice to see a person in entertainment treat a regular person, not only with respect, but actually do their best to just be kind, understanding, funny, and pleasant.

Love. Her.

Hollywood (and the world)....take a lesson.

Monday, March 4, 2013


 photo 69bdf450-36a6-4ba8-a02e-a70eadfb4f1d_zps4de34e82.jpg

I don't think this was the most appropriate way to describe what happened to that poor man.

God will get you for that, Arthur.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Bonnie Franklin

 photo 56aa271d-6006-4321-b3cd-12384dbb74f6_zps6ed790e1.jpg

Very sad news today....

Bonnie Franklin, best known for a playing single mom to two teenage daughters on the long-running CBS sitcom One Day At A Time, died this morning. She was 69. The actress and singer, who worked on stage, film and TV (she made her TV debut at age 9 on the Colgate Comedy Hour) and also directed several TV episodes during her career, disclosed last fall that she had pancreatic cancer.

In 1975 she landed the lead role of Ann Romano on the Norman Lear-developed sitcom One Day At A Time, starring alongside Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips as her daughters and Pat Harrington as their wisecracking super. The series ran from 1975-1984 and tackled several social issues like teen pregnancy as it humorously charted a single mom’s struggles raising two kids. Franklin was nominated for an Emmy and two Golden Globes for the role.

I never missed an episode of One Day At A Time.

She will be missed.