Friday, March 29, 2013

A Good Friday

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I found two funny videos today...the first is the "Honest Trailer" for the movie Les Miserables. Although I thought the studio did a fine job with the movie visually, it's definitely not my favorite play and the video trailer pretty much says what I felt about the film after watching it.

The second video is a commercial for the new Star Trek Game, which features William Shatner sitting on a couch playing against the Gorn lizard from the original Star Trek series, who happens to be sitting right beside him.

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They argue and get into an impromptu fight in Shatner's living room that mirrors the ridiculously awful combat they got into on his show years ago.

Hilarity ensues.

And, if you want to remind yourself of just how awfully staged their original fight was on Star Trek,  enjoy this.....

The poor actor in the lizard suit with the sleestak slurp could barely move in the costume, which makes Kirk's leisurely "bob and weave" fighting all the more hilarious.

Kills me!

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