Wednesday, March 13, 2013

City Slickers

 photo 03115a75-3111-4020-bb6e-5b57a2dd550d_zpsde35a418.jpg

I will admit that I never liked wrestling when I did it in school. However, Turkey really knows how to step up the game and make it more entertaining for everyone. get olive oil poured on you...

 photo 3ec325e9-9843-425a-aa08-9176638468e6_zps286bfcf9.jpg

Then you head over to join your teammates on the field....

 photo 11b96aa0-5c83-4d58-a3fc-049c5d27d242_zps1ad5c693.jpg

And then...everyone just starts to wrestle in various couplings in the grass.

 photo 37f4b80a-0604-4abe-8e2b-f681ac6a6b75_zps92818e2e.jpg

And, for a macho sport that isn't supposed to be gay at all....uhh, pardon me, but where is your other hand, sir?

 photo 875ff217-2aba-48f4-bca7-2a47846fc28f_zpsabeb2eac.jpg

It appears that the way you win is by pinning your guy down and doing a LOT of this...

 photo d81901d7-f834-4956-8ddb-ff222a06ac1a_zps6ae182a0.jpg

Didn't find your keys? Why not check over here...

 photo ea243812-64b4-4dc3-937e-cdd4cf1cc0fc_zps6f3e45aa.jpg

Are you SURE they aren't back there?

 photo 1c18dcaa-0f31-42cf-830f-b9905939ff97_zps00b8593b.jpg

Hey wait...they are definitely not down there? Well, you might want to keep looking anyway...

 photo d3d40e83-5978-463e-b90e-629b2258a633_zps6e823190.jpg

Here is a video of some of the festivities...

Then, once everyone has retrieved their belongings from the other guy's pants...the winning team celebrates.

 photo 1c8b38f7-b4ae-405d-bd82-d891b372d2d6_zps5d725806.jpg

And everyone finds a friend and heads off to the showers.

 photo 83152e2e-a140-4132-9cef-a4d5dee1f5a3_zps8535373b.jpg

They really need to make this an Olympic sport.

And I really need to visit Turkey.

If you'd like to see larger versions of these pictures and a few here.

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