Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ultimate Action Movie

This guy combined some of the best action sequences from a wide variety of films into one big ass-kicking-action hero-blowing-stuff-up movie trailer.

Ladies and gentlemen...I bring you ETERNA.

The budget for this film would likely be about a Kajillion dollars.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eileen Brennan

 photo EB_zpsebc6ce42.jpg

Some very sad news today...

Veteran actress Eileen Brennan, best known for her roles in Private Benjamin, The Sting and The Last Picture Show, has died. Brennan passed away Sunday of bladder cancer according to reports. 

She was 80. 

 photo 9070a24a-4282-47e0-b8c3-592f2bb052d3_zpsabfcf6fc.jpg

Brennan received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role as the tough Captain Doreen Lewis in Private Benjamin opposite Goldie Hawn. She also reprised the role for the CBS TV adaptation, winning an Emmy and Golden Globe for her performance. Brennan made her feature film debut in 1967′s Divorce American Style. 

 photo 7b0d0cee-d819-4984-ac71-8c478d0a89ac_zpsb3f67cee.jpg

Her most memorable film roles include brothel madam Billie in George Roy Hill’s Oscar-winning 1973 film The Sting and Mrs. Peacock in 1985′s Clue.

She has always been one of the funniest women around. Private Benjamin, Clue, and Murder By Death (which also has Maggie Smith in it) are my favorite comedic roles of hers and they make me howl every time I see them.

If you haven't seen all three of these must!

Here is one of my all-time favorite clips of hers from Clue....

She will definitely be missed, but very fondly remembered.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

My milkshake...

 photo tumblr_miaxf5zhC21qdrrc1o1_250_zps34307ed0.gif


 photo tumblr_miaxf5zhC21qdrrc1o2_250_zpscd1bcb49.gif


 photo tumblr_miaxf5zhC21qdrrc1o3_250_zps99844aaf.gif


 photo tumblr_miaxf5zhC21qdrrc1o4_250_zps8553212e.gif


 photo 865df5c4-8a6b-4fbb-9257-7411ba197b3c_zps63e9ff84.jpg

Fort Lautner-dale with friends for the weekend!!

Please water the plants and check the mail while I'm away....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 photo 2a140cd2-ef46-45c9-a9dd-d6e05e99b316_zpsa2e4b10f.jpg

A new trailer for the upcoming Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie, Gravity, was posted today and it looks freakishly intense...

NASA definitely shouldn't use this trailer to help recruit new astronauts., thanks.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


 photo Dog_zps4c260acd.png

Evidently today is National Hot Dog Day.

I don't know what official agency sanctions these food-focused holidays...

But, I'm all for them.

Still waiting for National Cap'n Crunch Day...I pray it gets here soon.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Constant Cravings

 photo 78b88059-dc03-4cea-9702-935a8e859b52_zps530e110c.jpg

The full trailer for the upcoming  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was released recently and it looks like it's gonna be another action-packed round of folks-killing-folks.

I was surprised that I enjoyed the first movie (not a big fan of movies all about killing), but they did a surprisingly good job of not making the violence gratuitous, which I appreciated.

Let's hope they do the same for this one.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Way We Were

 photo 1853a3e4-df59-48ab-8cc5-a881a321b6b3_zps4df54a3b.jpg

FStoppers recently featured this really interesting series of photographs by Tom Hussey called "Reflections" that shows a variety of elderly subjects looking into a mirror and seeing their younger selves looking back.

 photo c0986948-de3c-42aa-bfd3-91c63adf2d8c_zps4f7d50e7.jpg

 photo 187e1ab5-607f-46e0-920c-0b880ab802af_zps1f483050.jpg

 photo d0046330-fbc4-4dbc-bf0a-8fa8b4b21d09_zps8bec71c2.jpg

 photo 584bd570-97e2-4bdd-8735-56d75234274b_zps1879ba47.jpg

 photo e9003abd-92c1-472b-875f-0b169a7fe645_zpsab04c843.jpg

 photo d4eb49e1-9b9a-40d6-9d22-cf5d93b165fe_zps8f678cf7.jpg

 photo ae0740c9-361e-4cc8-bbf6-296d4f3ffd7f_zps0cfda215.jpg

They are really beautifully shot and make me feel simultaneously happy and sad...


Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Wizard of Ahhhs

 photo a4ac5463-e25f-4a0a-a1a1-3d3856dfd220_zps30a7f852.jpg

This really cool/fun video is making the rounds on the Internets today...

Todrick Hall, the mastermind behind viral videos such as Mean Gurlz and Beauty and the Beat, is back again. And this time he's created an a cappella pop medley video inspired by the famous 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. 

The a cappella group Pentatonix collaborated on the video. Their inimitable style — five-part harmonies layered over group member Kevin Olusola's beatboxing — helped the group win first place in the third season of NBC's 

The Sing-Off. But "The Wizard of Ahhhs" doesn't simply cover the movie's iconic tunes like "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Instead, Hall features songs from Frank Ocean's "Thinkin Bout You" to Miley Cyrus's "Can't Be Tamed." Even viral hit "Shoes" (Lyrics: "Shoes. Let's get some shoes.") makes an appearance. 

And keep an eye out for Hall, who makes a cameo as Oz himself.

Any video that references the video "Shoes" is okay in my book.

For those of you who haven't seen it before...enjoy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Inside Elysium

 photo cc00ef8a-cc46-41f3-b528-2b0afc6ecb78_zpsb6924545.jpg

A new trailer was released enjoy this, won't you?

August 9th will be here soon....let the countdown begin.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

By THAT much...

 photo 437acaa5-c6b7-45e5-8a73-beeca1147c95_zpse6d3ee89.jpg

This collection of near-miss dash cam videos from Russia should make you feel very good about your decision not to ever drive (or get near any road) in Russia.

I don't think the Russian Department of Tourism should feature this montage on their Web site.

Just sayin'....

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cory Monteith

 photo 744924f5-ff61-437a-ae6b-d61e1d7d7716_zps25e67b56.jpg

Some very surprising and sad news over the weekend...

Cory Monteith, who played heart throb Finn Hudson in the Fox hit "Glee," was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room on Saturday, police said. He was 31. 

Monteith spent time in rehab this year, checking into a drug addiction treatment facility in late March. He had been frank about his struggles with substance abuse, telling Parade magazine in 2011 that he began using drugs at 13, and by 19 went into rehab after his mother and friends intervened.

It's always sad when someone passes, but especially a shame when someone so young and at the height of their career is suddenly taken by, most likely, their addiction to drugs.

He will be missed.

 photo 43e67424-a312-4605-9253-ce9cce8efb2c_zpsd1f27575.jpg

The Glee Facebook page has set up a place for fans to leave comments/memories here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee

 photo ced25c43-7abb-40cd-af13-296d04e0f6f1_zps0b193445.jpg

Someone made a great compilation of every reference to "coffee" and "pie" that Agent Cooper made during the series Twin Peaks.

It's oddly entertaining.

God, I miss that show.

Also, for fans of the show, here is a great half-hour interview that David Lynch put together for the DVD that reunited him with two of the cast members (including Kyle MacLachlin) and his associate producer in a diner to discuss their experiences on the series.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hurculees, Hurculees!!

 photo 25e81012-c83c-4880-a1c8-617640a9968f_zps9213045f.jpg

Dwayne Johnson has started to Tweet some pics of the sets and costumes from the Hercules remake that he is currently shooting...

"Our 'Hercules' set created by award winning designer Jean-Vincent Puzos w/ great detail, I sit in awe"

  photo dd1ff637-1765-4b48-9385-d716c3dd1603_zps2f30616d.jpg

 photo ce9d5ecc-33e1-4937-9fd7-5a5391b52026_zps9946910d.jpg

Besides sitting in awe, it looks like he also sits in very short pants.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Night Terrors

I would likely consider this a relationship-ender....

Just for the Hell of it, prankster James Williams says he wanted to see what would happen if he convinced his girlfriend that the creepy little girl from "The Ring" was crawling out of their television set. 

So Williams spent weeks designing and constructing a believable puppet replica of Samara which had working arms that could be manipulated from afar. He then waited for his much better half to fall asleep in front of the TV, and attached his masterpiece to the screen.

She should have throat-punched her BF and then beat him senseless with that thing he put on the TV.

I'm just sayin'....

via: Gawker

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 photo 658d5511-5551-4162-b131-b3d42e36d275_zps9b383d1e.jpg

Although most of the people that I spoke to about The Great Gatsby said it was very slow, they did say that it was visually stunning (which is why I'll watch it OnDemand at some point).

The effects supervisor on the film recently released this reel that shows the dramatic difference between shots before and after the visual effects were added.

It's really amazing what they can do these days, as you'll see (enlarge the video screen for the full effect)....

I also love the music they chose for that video. Very cool.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


 photo snow_zps20b0f86a.gif

I think these animated GIFs are beautiful and fascinating to

 photo Waterfall_zpse25fe177.gif

There is a calming other-worldliness quality to them, which I enjoy.


Monday, July 1, 2013

The Hobbit: Video Blog 11

 photo a19817e4-f0a1-4069-b8d4-1e8e2b47ba17_zps2b771ce9.jpg

Peter Jackson just posted a new video blog on his Facebook page. This one covers gathering the cast and crew together again to shoot some additional scenes for the upcoming movies, including The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

As with the previous video blogs, it's very entertaining...

Also, last week was Orlando Bloom's final day on the set and he and the crew celebrated with a few beers and this entertaining video...

It looks like they might have had just a "little" to drink before putting that together.

Here is the original "They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard" video remix.

Now that song is stuck in my head....

The Hobbits, the Hobbits, the Hobbits, the Isengard!