Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Danger Will Robinson!


While looking for a pic online, I came across this site that builds/sells robots based on the original "Lost In Space" TV show. I used to love that show and thought, one day when I'm rich, I'd make the Jupiter Two spaceship my pool house in the mansion that I'd obviously own with my unlimited income. Since that hasn't happened would still make an excellent Christmas gift.

And, for only $24, should make shopping for me much easier this year for one of you lucky people.

Or, if that is too pricey...the Christmas card version of Dr. Smith from the photo on the bottom of this post will also do. I still laugh hard every time I look at it.

Well, I am caught up on all, but one, of my backlog of TV shows on the DVR. I still have four episodes of "Boston Legal" (and a new one tonight), which I'm saving to watch with my roommate. Since he's so busy and not as TV-centric as I am, I just save the good shows that we both like ("30 Rock", "The Office" and "Boston Legal") for a TV night. It makes for a fun evening of laughing out loud, liquid-shooting-through-the-nose, rewind-that-again viewing.

The others, I get through on my own...


Grey's Anatomy

This is a show that I should like a lot more than I do. It's a show written by a woman, featuring a pretty good mix of actors and, more than surgeries, focuses on relationships. However, I didn't like it when it premiered and that should have stopped me there. I thought all of the characters were so unlikeable and annoying, that I didn't start watching it again until a year later when everyone at my office kept saying "You have to watch's so good now."

So I tried again...and got hooked.

It had a pretty good year, then slowly went to Hell from there. I used to like several of the characters enough to get through disliking the main Grey character. Her character was so whiny and made so many unrealistic choices that I kept hoping some kind of large object would fall down and McCrush she and McDreamy.

I still wish that. But, now I want the object to be large enough to take out most of the cast and writing staff.

Izzy used to be good/interesting to watch...then they had her fall in love with George randomly in one episode...eliminating any sympathy for her character or the other character I really liked, until that storyline...Torres. I liked Torres because she constantly pointed out exactly what I thought about the main characters...they were so self-absorbed, pretty mean and not very nice to hang around. Then, the writers made Torres just as dramatic and unlikeable as the rest.

Now, the only character that keeps me watching at this point is Bailey.


She and the actress who plays her are great and feature the only cast member with any kind of realism, personality and humanity that merits screen time. If they'd only give her a bit more to do in each episode.

After last week's stupid episode about "the contest" and watching the three main gals treating patients with absolutely no sliver of realism (Grey actually exclaimed with glee "Oh...TUMOR" in front of a man who ended up having one that was going to kill him), it's gonna be difficult for them to keep me watching another season.

Unless they get rid of the annoying characters and just call it "Bailey's Anatomy" or "My Vajay-jay".



As confusing and complicated as this show becomes each year...I am hooked. After watching six episodes in a row yesterday, I am not about to drop this show anytime soon.

Now, that in mind, a part of me also thinks that the only way to keep anyone, but an avid fan, watching this show is by just showing several episodes in a row over a series of days. It's so complicated that, I think, people who miss one episode just get frustrated and stop watching. If they made "Lost" a mini-series each year and just played the entire season over the course of one week (a couple hours a night), I think they might be able to keep people involved.

All that being said, if you are a fan of this show, this is a great season!

I am constantly amazed at how well-planned and thought-out this show is. To be able to plot out flashbacks and flashforwards, while also focusing on the present, is unprecidented and very smart. It's like watching three different series, with the same cast, all rolled into one. I don't know how they do it, but I'm gonna keep watching.

Unless they air a very special episode called "The Harlem Globetrotters on Lost".

Then, I might be done.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ms. Griffin, if you're nasty


I caught up on "Out in Hollywood" and read a quick interview with Kathy Griffin, where she discusses her upcoming season of "My Life on the D-List"...

This year, it's ridiculously gay. I do a gay cruise in Bora Bora, I perform on Pink flight which is an all-gay flight between San Francisco and Sydney for Gay Mardi Gras, I do the Bearfest with the boy bears. I mean, it's good stuff this year.

As some of you know, one of the many reasons I ended up on that Pink Flight to Sydney, was because I came across an ad for Kathy Griffin being in Bora Bora (too pricey for me, then I saw the ad for the Pink Flight). I also spoke to Kathy at the Burbank airport the day they were all flying up to film at the IBR "Bearfest" (I was heading up to the same event to meet with some friends). It was a nice surprise to see her there and she was just as nice as I hoped she would be in person, which is always a relief.

I think I managed to stay out of camera range for both events...but you never know.


The new season of her show starts on June 12th...I can't wait!

I spent part of yesterday catching up on a few more shows on the DVR. I'm in the middle of the past month of "Lost" (my DVR missed 3 episodes, so I have to watch them online), but did get through all of the "ER" episodes.


I know this show has been on a million years and seems to update the cast with a new member every few episodes, but is still pretty good TV. I think I mainly watch it for Maura Tierney, who plays Abby Lockhart. Of all the characters on the show now, she seems to be the most real and relatable to me. There is a vulnerability in her that pulls me in whenever she's featured.

The other cast members are fine, but each season it gets harder and harder to stick with the show because so many of the new cast members brought in are "types" (new sexy doctor or nurse) and, like a lot of shows, most of the cast seems to just sleep with each other...which gets old and kinda stupid to watch.

But, as long as Dr. Lockhart is there...I will be too.

Well, well,'s also someone's birthday today...


Leslie "Beverly Leslie" Jordan is 53 years old today.

Here is a preview of his upcoming TV show, "Sordid Lives" on LOGO...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Flipper, Flipper...faster than lightning


This day at Sea World should have scarred a few hundred kids for life...

A 30-year-old dolphin at Sea World has died after colliding with another dolphin while performing aerial tricks, the Orlando, Florida, amusement park said Monday.

I only do aerial tricks alone for that very reason.

My first weekend back was a busy one. I met some friends out at a bar on Friday night, then a birthday party for another friend in Laguna Beach on Saturday (the night of hellish traffic) and then out for beer bust at a bar all day/night on Sunday. It was good to be out and about with people after traveling alone for the past couple of months.

I had a somewhat horrifying experience on Friday night (well, personally anyway).

At the bar, I noticed a guy who looked familiar, someone I had thought I had spoken with a couple times quite a few years ago. I remembered his face/smile (he looks like a younger Benjamin Bratt) and he recognized me too. We hung out (along with our friends) for most of the evening. His friend kept making references about us having relations and whether it was good or not. My new friend said "I don't remember it being bad", which I thought was nice of him, because we had just met again and obviously hadn't related in any way other than seeing each other tonight. I thought it was sweet that this cute guy was playing along with his friend and giving me a "good review". Don't get those too often...

Next day, I was talking on the phone with him and he made a reference about how he had forgotten that I was a good kisser (he had walked me to my car the night before). I said "forgotten I was a good kisser....have we kissed before?" and he said "You really don't remember? I said...No, I honestly don't". He then proceeded to tell me that we had, in fact, gone out a couple times about 9 years ago. He described my apartment at the time, my car, he remembered me showing him my, at the time, cherished Brooke Shields collection of magazine covers (it's was a long time ago and I was very young) and several other specific details that I had no recollection of.

At all.

I was and am horrified that I don't remember any of it.

I've never done drugs or had a drinking problem (I drink, I fall down, no problem), I've not really dated that many people and have always prided myself on being able to at least remember the ones that I have...especially if they were as cute as he was.


I can't explain it and, after a few long conversations and several varieties of apologies later (hoping he didn't take it personally..of course, how couldn't you)...all seems fine and I think I'll be taking him to dinner soon to make up for it.

If I remember....

If anyone has seen my brain, would you please drop it in the mail to me?

I'd really appreciate it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

LA Traffic is ASS


This was something that I did NOT miss while traveling.

I was heading home from a birthday party tonight and traffic was moving along fine, until I saw a sign that said "3 Right Lanes Closed Ahead". THREE? On a Saturday night? There are only 4 lanes total. I remained calm and, when I noticed another freeway that branched off, heading east, I decided to take that. I moved along for about 15 minutes and decided to get on the 101 freeway and head home through Hollywood.

The two lanes that led onto that....stopped. Not moving. GREAT!

Got out of that, back on the previous freeway and headed further east and got on the 5 Freeway. All was fine until I got onto the entry lane....barely moving. It took a half hour to get 1 mile and then I saw another sign "4 Left Lanes Closed Ahead". FOUR?! There are only 5 total. After coasting along at a swift 5 mph for another half hour, I had to take ANOTHER freeway even further east to the 134 to get home another half hour later.


I think this is a picture of the man who schedules all of the road construction on our freeways.

At the meeting this week, I'm sure he said (through both cheeks) "We need to do some construction...why not just do it all on the weekends, when 90 % of the people in LA will be on the roads? If we're gonna screw up traffic on one freeway, why not do some kind of construction on all of them at the same time?!"

And the city wonders why road rage is on the upswing around here.


Friday, April 25, 2008

Hancock and Baby Mama

These movies look really funny! I love me some Will Smith and Tina Fey...

Tube talk two

Well, I'm still catching up on stuff after being away for two months. Pretty much up to speed on mail, laundry, bills and getting my car tuned up. So, it was another day of surfing through the many hours (about 15-20) of TV on the DVR.


Men In Trees (day two)

I had three more episodes to watch and, like all the others, I loved them. Besides what I've said already, I really love the way the show is shot/edited...the scenery is so beautiful. The show is shot in/around Vancouver, mainly in a town called Squamish. I found a link to someone who went to the location on a trip and it looks like a beautiful place (reminds me of New Zealand). I may have to add that to my list of places to visit.

I do hope the show gets renewed for another season. It's really a sweet/good-natured show and I really like a lot of the characters, especially the gal that plays Anne Heche's agent and her new husbank "plowguy". The show does a really good job of giving each of the supporting characters nice storylines and screentime, which is rare for a show with a cast of this size.

It's like taking a mini-vacation each week from my couch with some mighty fine folks.


Desperate Housewives

I've mainly been watching this show out of habit and find, the past couple of years, that it's usually the last show I catch up on. I really liked the first season because it was more serious/moody and reminded me, a bit, of "Twin Peaks" with the mystery about the gal that killed herself and all of that. Plus, the characters were fun/interesting...but somewhat grounded in reality.

That has all gone out the window now and it's just become a wacky show, with characters that do stupid/silly stuff all the time and who, for the most part, are often so self-centered (and not in a funny "Seinfeld" way) that I can't imagine anyone ever really hanging out with any of them.

It makes a Spanish telenovela look like Shakespeare in comparison.

Even the character of Lynette (the character that seemed the most realistic) does mean/hurtful things at times to get what she wants. It's disappointing and I'm not sure that I'll keep watching it after this season. We'll see...

Although, the tornado episode and the one that followed it were fun to watch.


Brothers and Sisters

I love this show too. I've liked it from the beginning and haven't missed an episode. It reminds me of some of the older shows I really enjoyed, "thirtysomething", "Once and Again", "My So Called Life" and a couple others. Shows about people, often with real people-problems. Many folks refer to these kinds of shows as "Whiner shows"...people just moaning about their problems.

But, to me, that is life and what makes shows like these very relatable and enjoyable.

I've always liked Sally Field (she did "Sybil", one of my favorite TV movies ever) and, like always, she's great on this show too. The whole cast is wonderful. Rachel Griffiths (I've loved her since "Muriel's Wedding" and, recently, on "Six Feet Under"), Ron Rifkin (so good on "Alias") and even Patricia Wettig (from "thirtysomething")...and everyone else.

I think the writing is sharp, it's beautifully shot and, more often than not, is able to pull on the heartstrings at least once an episode (or more). I used to love "Ally Mcbeal" (well, at least the first few seasons, until it started going way over the wacky-zone), so I enjoy Calista Flockhart...but she's not the reason I watch.

I watch it for the whole package. Like "Men in Trees", it makes me laugh, smile, and cry at times.

That's not a bad thing.

I've still got to catch up on "ER", "Lost", and "Boston Legal".

So much TV, so few hours in the day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Australian spider invasion


Thanks to Andy, at Towleroad, I now have another reason not to go to Queensland or their hospital...

SYDNEY (AFP) - An invasion of venomous spiders has forced an Australian hospital to evacuate patients and temporarily close its doors, reports said Wednesday.

Authorities decided the infestation of redback spiders at Baralaba Hospital in Queensland state's Banana Shire was too dangerous for patients, Australian Associated Press reported.
It said repeated attempts to oust the arachnids had failed, so patients and staff would be moved to another facility to allow a thorough fumigation of the 10-bed hospital.

You can see the rest of the story here, if you don't already have enough material for your nightmares.

Happy thoughts...happy thoughts....

Tube Talk

One of the things I actually looked forward to upon my return, was catching up with many of the TV shows that had (fingers crossed) recorded while I was gone. Luckily, most of them were here waiting for me. Whew! I have always been a big TV watcher, probably always will. It's a part of who I am, good or bad. So, I spent a big part of today diving in to some of my favorites...

Plus, the DVR is I have to watch some of them quickly or they will disappear into the cornfield.


The New Adventures of Old Christine

There were two episodes of this show waiting for me and I enjoyed them, as always, just as much as any of the previous ones. This show makes me laugh out loud at least once or twice an episode (and these days, that's rare). I think it's a very funny, well-written, well-cast show and that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is...hilarious. I loved her on "Seinfeld" and I love her, in a slightly different way, on this show. She's just a funny gal and the supporting cast, especially Wanda Sykes, are also very funny. If you haven't seen should give it a shot.


Samantha Who?

I wanted so badly to love this show. I liked the first few episodes last year. I mean, I think Christina Applegate is entertaining, but having Jean Smart (Charlene from "Designing Women") playing her could it not be a laugh-riot?'s not and, after watching the three new episodes that were here today...I'm not sure that I'll watch any more episodes. I think it's the basic concept of the show that is very limiting and, honestly, it seems to be trying to be a comedy at times...then a dramedy...then a real wacky comedy. It's all a mishmash that just doesn't really mesh well. It's not awful or even's just not....special. Great cast...ok show.


30 Rock

I rewind this show more than any other show. Not because it's hard to understand, but because it has so many funny/smart/quick lines in it, that I'm usually laughing from one and miss the next two. Tina Fey is such a smart/intelligent/funny writer..I don't know how she does it. The pace is quick, the editing is almost as important to the show as the writing. This show is all about comic-timing and they have it in spades. Plus, regardless of how crazy Alec Baldwin may or may not be in real life, he is hilarious on this show. HI-larious! If you don't already watch should.


The Office

I know, I know...there are many out there that say "It's not as good as the original British version.". However, I think both are great and, in their own way, unique and just as funny. Our country has a history of butchering "remakes" ("Stepford Wives", "Coupling" and, may God forgive Nora Ephron for destroying the movie version of "Bewitched". A movie about a witch...without any magic. Perfect cast...terrible movie. Don't get me started...).

But, the cast of the American version of "The Office" is great (each one of them) and the show is funny, almost painfully so, at times. It reminds me of another funny/painfully awkward show, "The Comeback" with Lisa Kudrow. So smart, funny, and real...that it was difficult to watch at times because, as often as the lead character, Valerie Cherish, put herself into a bad situation, she was still "real" and, when bad things was like witnessing deep, personal pain that no one should ever see, let alone experience. But, in both shows, there are moments of sheer, comic genius and milk-shooting-out-of-your-nose hilarity. It's a balance I enjoy.


Men In Trees

I've mentioned, in a past entry, how much I enjoy this show. Unfortunately, my DVR deleted 3 episodes of it to make room for other shows (thank goodness for full episodes being available online!). I still wasn't able to find the episode that showed Jack being rescued, but I got the it'll have to do.

I just love this show. It makes me laugh, smile and, sometimes cry. It reminds me of another old favorite of mine, "Northern Exposure". They are both shows that take place in beautiful, quaint, remote towns in the middle of Alaska. Places where every character is someone that you'd like to have around you. They live in towns that are beautiful, clean, violence-free, and the people all look out for each other. You know...fantasy worlds. But, I wouldn't miss it. It's an hour of peace, beauty and smiles filled with people who treat each other like we'd all like to be treated, care for each other like we'd all like to be cared for, and who love each other deeply and with an honesty that, although rare, is still possible to find in friends and, hopefully, lovers (I'm still looking for that one).

I'll take that any day over watching the onslaught of doom and gloom on the news, the eating of live bugs or scheming and deception on reality shows and the violent subject matter of so many crime shows that fill the screen on any given night.

It's almost too much to bear at times...

Sometimes you need a little fantasy, to help make reality a little easier to deal with.

And in keeping with that....tomorrow, I'm gonna try and tackle "Lost", "Brothers and Sisters", "Heroes" and a few others.

Reality can just take a number...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome to my nightmares


Sweet Jesus and the orphans!

My friend Greg, from Ohio, sent me a couple pictures of this World Record sized Piranha. After recovering from the series of shivers it sent down my spine (and the likely filing in the "Nightmares" folder of my subconscious), I thought I'd share it with all of you too. See, it's pictures like this that keep me from exploring more exotic places in the world, like the Amazon (I prefer creatures), any desert region (Scorpions, tarantulas, and the like) and vast bodies of water (sharks, jellyfish, the ghost of Shelley Winters from "The Poseidon Adventure").

That's right...fear, plain and simple.

I don't want to be in any place where these kinds of deadly creatures live. I already live in Los Angeles with the gangs, shootings, stabbings, road rage and people who let their children run amok in the grocery store...I don't need to experience other deadly creatures in their natural habitats.

They don't come into my home, I try to avoid theirs.

It's pathetic on some levels, because I'm sure there are many wonderful places in the world that are much more than the evil that lurks within (Washington DC, for example) and around them. I'm not saying I won't visit them some's just that those kinds of places move quickly down the list of possibilities.


I prefer visiting places that are serene and relaxing...with nice scenery and architecture, things to do and friendly people around to chat with (like Laguna Beach, pictured above). Places like that bring me peace...wrestling alligators, not so much.

It may make me wussy to use fear as a reason for avoiding things and places in life, but I'm totally okay with it. You go ahead and volunteer to swim with sharks or allow someone to let a hissing tarantula crawl on your arm in the name of adventure.

Have at it!

I'll be here...waiting to post photos of your remaining body parts for others to enjoy from the comfort of their home.


I also wanted to say how cool it's been to get emails and comments from people who I've never met, but have been following with my travels the past couple of months. I'm always curious to find out how people heard of the blog and flattered that, after finding it, actually continued reading.

I met someone in Auckland who, after we were chatting for a few minutes said "Hey, did you write a blog from the "Pink Flight" from San Francisco?". I told him I did and asked him where he heard about it. He said that site had posted a link to my site as I was blogging from the airport. I had no idea. Then, yesterday, I got an email from Terry, in Sydney, who commented about the blog and said he heard about it in February on Beauty and the Bum (a blog with many fine photos of modely-guys). They even used several of my pics from my postings (which is fine with me...they linked back). I also heard from Jane in San Diego and Brad in Washington...just nice folks who let me know that they were out there and had enjoyed following along.

Is anyone else out there? If so, feel free to comment here on the blog or email me (in my profile area) and let me know how you found the blog and where you live.

I'm just curious that way and would really enjoy hearing from you.

Now I'm going to attempt to dive into the many fine shows on my DVR that recorded (thankfully) while I was gone.

Good times.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Like I never left


After finally getting a good nights sleep, I spent most of the day catching up on usual stuff...unpacking, mail, laundry etc. As I started to wake up and become more aware of my surroundings, I started to notice that some things had, indeed, not changed since I left.


Like, the calendar was still on February. I noticed that the clocks in the house had not been moved up an hour during the last time change.


The loaf of bread that was here when I left...still in the same place on the counter today where I left it...two months ago.

Anybody need some penicillin? It's homemade...


My roommate keeps very busy at work and, when he finally gets home, is easily distracted (ie: liquor cabinet). Overall, things were pretty much the same as when I left them...not too many plant casualties, their letter must have done some good.

Well....almost no casualties...


This pretty white plant used to be very green...and not crunchy before I left. I think it's gonna be "taking a holiday" to the can very soon.

But, all in all, things are pretty much the same as when I left...which isn't a bad thing. I sent out some inquiry letters to a few travel magazines to see if they might wanna hire a travel writer/ we'll see. Also, my roommate is out of town, so it'll be good to catch up with him when he gets back later tonight.

Until then...I'll just hang out with the man-magnets.


They've been in the same outifts since I left...time for a costume change.

Back in LA

After eight and a half hours on a plane and a nice ride from the airport with my friends John and Chris (you know you have good friends if they are willing to come pick you up at LAX. Thanks guys!)....I made it home.

It's an odd feeling returning after 2 months, but I'm sure I'll settle in and get adjusted in the next few weeks. I spent most of today/tonight unpacking/doing laundry and going through mail. Real life is still here when you come matter where you go.

I'm going to go get some sleep now, but thought I'd leave you with a couple nice sunset pictures that I took while walking back to the hostel after I finished yesterdays posting from my favorite internet beach bar (I will miss that place!).

Not a bad way to end my last day there....





Saturday, April 19, 2008

So longa, Rarotonga


I need to find a place that sells this sign.

Last night, a group of us went bar-hopping in town. Fridays and Saturdays are the big nights to go out here on the island. And, since it would be rude not to follow the local customs...we made our plan. So, after a nice 3 hour nap, I headed to a place in town that is known for its ginormous hamburgers. I had heard about them from a couple people at the hostel and, after seeing a picture of one, knew I couldn't leave without encountering one.

Most people know that I love me some In N Out burgers, but after finding the "Palace Takeaway"...


Now THAT'S what a hamburger's all about!

It's grotesque in size and fixin's. There's a hamburger patty, shredded cheese, tomatoe, lettuce, egg, ham, bacon and pineapple. It's an interesting combination that actually tastes pretty good, believe it or not. There is no possible way to eat this, as is, so after some drastic relocation of a pound of condiments, it was able to make its way into the pie-hole for landing.

I'm certain that these burgers are responsible for the vast moobs (man-boobs) phenomenon that appears to have taken over several of the men on the island. I should set up a "Bro" (man-bra) shop in town. It's all about supply and demand...


As I started to eat, this dog came ambling up, saw my burger, and sat down right beside me. He must know that tourists are unlikely to finish the whole burger (which I didn't), so he just patiently waits for the sounds of buttons popping and intestines expanding, knowing that he's likely to get a snack soon (which he did).

So, after rolling the rest of the way into town, I met up with the group at the beachside "Whatever" bar and the festivities began. It was very busy and, surprisingly, if you ask the bartenders for a drink...they actually make it for you and, get this, they will keep doing that every time you ask them until they close. This really is a magical place.


It was a fun night. We ran into a few locals that we've seen throughout the week. This guy played pool with Kirin (the Irish guy) a few nights ago and, it turns out, that the "Bring me a bucket!" burger-joint I had just visited, is his family's business.


And for you "Survivor" fans, this guy was one of the local natives chosen to help out with many of the challenges the year they filmed the show here in the Cook Islands.


A fun time was had by all, followed quickly by a much-needed sleep. I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, which was a surprise, considering the quantity of vodka-Red Bulls that were consumed the night before. It was a beautiful, clear day...a nice ending to my trip. I packed up my room and moved my luggage into the hostel main room to await the flight around midnight tonight. Kirin and I headed into town and walked around the farmer's market they had set up.


I have too many disgusting comments twirling in my brain to make about this sign, so I'll just spare you any samples. Consider it my gift to you for following me along on my trip.


When I got back to the hostel, I noticed that one of the flea kittys was fast asleep in a very unlady-like position right outside the door. She was oddly splayed out and twisted looked like she had been dropped from a plane and landed right at the doorstep. A new visitor came up and I pointed to the comotose feline and said "Do you want to touch the dead cat over there?" and he looked at the cat, then at me with a shocked face and said " it dead?".

I enjoy joshin' with the kids...

Well, my trip has come to an end and, to be honest, I'm not happy about it. I am looking forward to seeing/talking to my friends and family again. But, I really do wish I had a few more months of adventures in foreign lands ahead of me. However, life is one big anything can happen. Thanks again to everyone who followed along, made comments, and sent emails to me over the past couple of months. It really made writing the blog a lot more fun and, hopefully, you enjoyed yourselves too.

I'm going to keep updating the blog upon my return to Los Angeles, should anyone wish to check in once in a while to see what's up. I'll also let you know if I end up heading out of LA in the future.

You've been great company on this trip and it would be nice to have you all along again for the next one.

Mekka Lekka Hi....mekka hiney ho!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Island Times








..."Island Night" last night!


Obviously this man enjoyed it a bit more than the rest of us. He was hammered before he even got to the bar. Andrew: I got this outfit for you. I hope I chose the right size coconuts...


Last night was a group trip to a local bar for a night of cultural music and dancing. I am all for a little culture, now and then. I was a wee bit worried when we first got there, because there was the island version of a lounge singer favoring us with "Sweet Home Alabama" in all of its slow werlitzer-enhanced glory. Thankfully, the featured band ushered him off the stage and brought on the real show.

Since I showcased the girls in skirts yesterday, I figured it was only fair to give the boys their due. I'm not sure quite how the gals and guys learned to let the rhythm get them like it does...but it's pretty amazing to watch. Plus, kudos to the costume designers! It shows you don't need a big budget to keep your viewers focused on the task at hand...


A fun time was had by all, followed by a Celine Dion enhanced van-ride back to the hostel, where several of us stayed up until 5:00 am just chatting.


Of course, I had already booked another other island-themed "4X4 Island Tour", picking me up at 8:30 in the morning. And, as things always go with me...I went to bed at 5:00 am and woke up, wide awake, at 7:00 am.


The large four-wheel drive vehicle took a group of us all around the island, up very steep hills to fantastic views from each side of the island. There was lots of information about the various flora and fauna throughout the island, so that's always enjoyable.






It really was the best way to see the interior of the island, without having to hike three hours up a hill each day. I prefer the ride, stop, take pictures, get back in the truck, move on tour much better. They also cooked chicken and pork in a ground oven, wrapped in banana leaves and all that native stuff. It was pretty good, although I passed on the raw tuna/veggie salad they made.

I have fish-ssues, ya' know.

The driver returned us to our hotels/hostel and even let me go get my computer, then brought me back to the magic beach bar spot that I've probably become the "Norm!" of this week. Rotum showed up here a few minutes ago and said a few others are likely on their way, I have a feeling I may not nap today.


Then again...anything is possible.

I can't believe tomorrow is my last day here.

I want more....culture.