Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tube Talk

One of the things I actually looked forward to upon my return, was catching up with many of the TV shows that had (fingers crossed) recorded while I was gone. Luckily, most of them were here waiting for me. Whew! I have always been a big TV watcher, probably always will. It's a part of who I am, good or bad. So, I spent a big part of today diving in to some of my favorites...

Plus, the DVR is I have to watch some of them quickly or they will disappear into the cornfield.


The New Adventures of Old Christine

There were two episodes of this show waiting for me and I enjoyed them, as always, just as much as any of the previous ones. This show makes me laugh out loud at least once or twice an episode (and these days, that's rare). I think it's a very funny, well-written, well-cast show and that Julia Louis-Dreyfus is...hilarious. I loved her on "Seinfeld" and I love her, in a slightly different way, on this show. She's just a funny gal and the supporting cast, especially Wanda Sykes, are also very funny. If you haven't seen should give it a shot.


Samantha Who?

I wanted so badly to love this show. I liked the first few episodes last year. I mean, I think Christina Applegate is entertaining, but having Jean Smart (Charlene from "Designing Women") playing her could it not be a laugh-riot?'s not and, after watching the three new episodes that were here today...I'm not sure that I'll watch any more episodes. I think it's the basic concept of the show that is very limiting and, honestly, it seems to be trying to be a comedy at times...then a dramedy...then a real wacky comedy. It's all a mishmash that just doesn't really mesh well. It's not awful or even's just not....special. Great cast...ok show.


30 Rock

I rewind this show more than any other show. Not because it's hard to understand, but because it has so many funny/smart/quick lines in it, that I'm usually laughing from one and miss the next two. Tina Fey is such a smart/intelligent/funny writer..I don't know how she does it. The pace is quick, the editing is almost as important to the show as the writing. This show is all about comic-timing and they have it in spades. Plus, regardless of how crazy Alec Baldwin may or may not be in real life, he is hilarious on this show. HI-larious! If you don't already watch should.


The Office

I know, I know...there are many out there that say "It's not as good as the original British version.". However, I think both are great and, in their own way, unique and just as funny. Our country has a history of butchering "remakes" ("Stepford Wives", "Coupling" and, may God forgive Nora Ephron for destroying the movie version of "Bewitched". A movie about a witch...without any magic. Perfect cast...terrible movie. Don't get me started...).

But, the cast of the American version of "The Office" is great (each one of them) and the show is funny, almost painfully so, at times. It reminds me of another funny/painfully awkward show, "The Comeback" with Lisa Kudrow. So smart, funny, and real...that it was difficult to watch at times because, as often as the lead character, Valerie Cherish, put herself into a bad situation, she was still "real" and, when bad things was like witnessing deep, personal pain that no one should ever see, let alone experience. But, in both shows, there are moments of sheer, comic genius and milk-shooting-out-of-your-nose hilarity. It's a balance I enjoy.


Men In Trees

I've mentioned, in a past entry, how much I enjoy this show. Unfortunately, my DVR deleted 3 episodes of it to make room for other shows (thank goodness for full episodes being available online!). I still wasn't able to find the episode that showed Jack being rescued, but I got the it'll have to do.

I just love this show. It makes me laugh, smile and, sometimes cry. It reminds me of another old favorite of mine, "Northern Exposure". They are both shows that take place in beautiful, quaint, remote towns in the middle of Alaska. Places where every character is someone that you'd like to have around you. They live in towns that are beautiful, clean, violence-free, and the people all look out for each other. You know...fantasy worlds. But, I wouldn't miss it. It's an hour of peace, beauty and smiles filled with people who treat each other like we'd all like to be treated, care for each other like we'd all like to be cared for, and who love each other deeply and with an honesty that, although rare, is still possible to find in friends and, hopefully, lovers (I'm still looking for that one).

I'll take that any day over watching the onslaught of doom and gloom on the news, the eating of live bugs or scheming and deception on reality shows and the violent subject matter of so many crime shows that fill the screen on any given night.

It's almost too much to bear at times...

Sometimes you need a little fantasy, to help make reality a little easier to deal with.

And in keeping with that....tomorrow, I'm gonna try and tackle "Lost", "Brothers and Sisters", "Heroes" and a few others.

Reality can just take a number...

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