Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ms. Griffin, if you're nasty


I caught up on "Out in Hollywood" and read a quick interview with Kathy Griffin, where she discusses her upcoming season of "My Life on the D-List"...

This year, it's ridiculously gay. I do a gay cruise in Bora Bora, I perform on Pink flight which is an all-gay flight between San Francisco and Sydney for Gay Mardi Gras, I do the Bearfest with the boy bears. I mean, it's good stuff this year.

As some of you know, one of the many reasons I ended up on that Pink Flight to Sydney, was because I came across an ad for Kathy Griffin being in Bora Bora (too pricey for me, then I saw the ad for the Pink Flight). I also spoke to Kathy at the Burbank airport the day they were all flying up to film at the IBR "Bearfest" (I was heading up to the same event to meet with some friends). It was a nice surprise to see her there and she was just as nice as I hoped she would be in person, which is always a relief.

I think I managed to stay out of camera range for both events...but you never know.


The new season of her show starts on June 12th...I can't wait!

I spent part of yesterday catching up on a few more shows on the DVR. I'm in the middle of the past month of "Lost" (my DVR missed 3 episodes, so I have to watch them online), but did get through all of the "ER" episodes.


I know this show has been on a million years and seems to update the cast with a new member every few episodes, but overall...it is still pretty good TV. I think I mainly watch it for Maura Tierney, who plays Abby Lockhart. Of all the characters on the show now, she seems to be the most real and relatable to me. There is a vulnerability in her that pulls me in whenever she's featured.

The other cast members are fine, but each season it gets harder and harder to stick with the show because so many of the new cast members brought in are "types" (new sexy doctor or nurse) and, like a lot of shows, most of the cast seems to just sleep with each other...which gets old and kinda stupid to watch.

But, as long as Dr. Lockhart is there...I will be too.

Well, well, well...it's also someone's birthday today...


Leslie "Beverly Leslie" Jordan is 53 years old today.

Here is a preview of his upcoming TV show, "Sordid Lives" on LOGO...


Brad said...

Pea-green with envy that you got to meet Kathy.

Vampire Hours said...

Well, as much as she travels and does shows, it's only a matter of time before everyone has met Kathy. I'm sure you'll get your photo-opp soon.