Friday, April 25, 2008

Tube talk two

Well, I'm still catching up on stuff after being away for two months. Pretty much up to speed on mail, laundry, bills and getting my car tuned up. So, it was another day of surfing through the many hours (about 15-20) of TV on the DVR.


Men In Trees (day two)

I had three more episodes to watch and, like all the others, I loved them. Besides what I've said already, I really love the way the show is shot/edited...the scenery is so beautiful. The show is shot in/around Vancouver, mainly in a town called Squamish. I found a link to someone who went to the location on a trip and it looks like a beautiful place (reminds me of New Zealand). I may have to add that to my list of places to visit.

I do hope the show gets renewed for another season. It's really a sweet/good-natured show and I really like a lot of the characters, especially the gal that plays Anne Heche's agent and her new husbank "plowguy". The show does a really good job of giving each of the supporting characters nice storylines and screentime, which is rare for a show with a cast of this size.

It's like taking a mini-vacation each week from my couch with some mighty fine folks.


Desperate Housewives

I've mainly been watching this show out of habit and find, the past couple of years, that it's usually the last show I catch up on. I really liked the first season because it was more serious/moody and reminded me, a bit, of "Twin Peaks" with the mystery about the gal that killed herself and all of that. Plus, the characters were fun/interesting...but somewhat grounded in reality.

That has all gone out the window now and it's just become a wacky show, with characters that do stupid/silly stuff all the time and who, for the most part, are often so self-centered (and not in a funny "Seinfeld" way) that I can't imagine anyone ever really hanging out with any of them.

It makes a Spanish telenovela look like Shakespeare in comparison.

Even the character of Lynette (the character that seemed the most realistic) does mean/hurtful things at times to get what she wants. It's disappointing and I'm not sure that I'll keep watching it after this season. We'll see...

Although, the tornado episode and the one that followed it were fun to watch.


Brothers and Sisters

I love this show too. I've liked it from the beginning and haven't missed an episode. It reminds me of some of the older shows I really enjoyed, "thirtysomething", "Once and Again", "My So Called Life" and a couple others. Shows about people, often with real people-problems. Many folks refer to these kinds of shows as "Whiner shows"...people just moaning about their problems.

But, to me, that is life and what makes shows like these very relatable and enjoyable.

I've always liked Sally Field (she did "Sybil", one of my favorite TV movies ever) and, like always, she's great on this show too. The whole cast is wonderful. Rachel Griffiths (I've loved her since "Muriel's Wedding" and, recently, on "Six Feet Under"), Ron Rifkin (so good on "Alias") and even Patricia Wettig (from "thirtysomething")...and everyone else.

I think the writing is sharp, it's beautifully shot and, more often than not, is able to pull on the heartstrings at least once an episode (or more). I used to love "Ally Mcbeal" (well, at least the first few seasons, until it started going way over the wacky-zone), so I enjoy Calista Flockhart...but she's not the reason I watch.

I watch it for the whole package. Like "Men in Trees", it makes me laugh, smile, and cry at times.

That's not a bad thing.

I've still got to catch up on "ER", "Lost", and "Boston Legal".

So much TV, so few hours in the day.

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