Friday, October 30, 2009

Subtle Headlines

I visited yesterday and was immediately drawn to two of their top-featured stories...

"Anderson Cooper Is a Giant Homosexual and Everyone Knows It"


"What We Know (so far) About Anderson Cooper's Boyfriend"


I just think it's so funny that, although Anderson has never actually come out, almost everyone seems to know/assume that he's gay and now aren't even trying to be sly about insinuating it in the media.

The stories above are entertaining to read and filled with detailed information about Anderson and his trainer/friend/bar owner/alleged-boyfriend Benjamin Maisani. Just click on the headlines above, if you wanna get the scoop.

I mean the alleged scoop.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was very surprised to read this today. I used to work with Spencer when I was at Warner Bros. Online. He was always very nice and fun to be around.

According to sources on board, Spencer Yu 46, a Los Angeles attorney, suffered cardiac arrest October 21 while on the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas, which was chartered by Atlantis for a seven-day trip along the Mexican Riviera. A medical team attempted to resuscitate Yu for 45 minutes before he was taken to a Puerto Vallarta hospital, where he showed no brain activity. Yu was later taken off of life support. Rich Campbell, president and CEO of Atlantis Events and a friend of Yu's, said he was only aware of Yu’s “serious medical condition” when he was taken by the medical team off the ship. Royal Caribbean “doesn’t give us access to personal medical information as the charter of the ship,” Campbell said. “We’re simply not given that information. It’s a private matter.”

That's too bad. He was so young...

Live each day to the fullest, kids.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mighty Morphing

A pretty cool visual...

And it's also a little creepy if you focus on the eyes while it changes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's true...

Thanks to Brad for posting this on Facebook. I just had to repost it here on the blog.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Louisville, Kentucky

Now, that's a mighty big bat.

I got back to Los Angeles this weekend after spending the last part of my trip in Louisville. I really was pleasantly surprised by home much I enjoyed the city.

Growing up in a small town in Ohio, I didn't really spend any time in I think I always assumed that when I finally did go there, I'd likely just see a variety of Hee Haw Honeys wearing daisy dukes and random yahoos with shotguns rocking on their front porch drinkin' moonshine.

I watched a lot of bad TV as a kid.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I arrived and found that the city is a wonderful mix of historic charm and modern glitz.

Who knew that Louisville had the top hotel, 21c Museum Hotel, and restaurant, Proof on Main, in the U.S.?

I didn't, until Marco and Christy were kind enough to take me there for dinner on my last night in the city. If you get to Louisville, you must stop by and visit this eclectic hotel/museum/bar/restaurant. There is so much to see and, the food is really good.

They have this very cool interactive room where you walk in and your image is projected up on the wall along with a variety of cascading letters that are "dropping" from the ceiling. The letter's path is, somehow, affected by your image and you can "hold" or "collect" various letters as they fall all around you.


For a city as old as it is, you'd be surprised at how much culture and art are available around town. They have a beautiful Performing Arts Center, various theaters, the Green Building Gallery, a wonderful Science Center, the Fourth Street Live area full of bars, shops and restaurants, and a number of other random splashes of local artistic design and color.

I also didn't know that when the city tears down an old building, they often keep the original building facade up and then build a new structure behind it, to keep the old look and feel of the city intact.

I wish more cities would do that.

I really enjoyed my visit with Marco and Christy in Louisville. It's an eclectic, fun, walkable city with a wide variety of things to do and see for all ages.

If you get the chance to mosey on down to Kentucky anytime in the future, I highly recommend you make it a point to visit Louisville along the way.

You'll find plenty to keep you busy...even if Marco and Christy are not available to show you around.

I had a really nice time on this trip and am so happy that I got to catch up with so many of my friends and family along the way.

Thanks to everyone for their heapin' helpin' of hospitality the past few weeks.

It was very much appreciated!