Friday, October 23, 2009

This old house

Louisville has several tree-lined neighborhoods packed with ginormous old houses. So, knowing how much I love them, Marco took me on a little driving/walking tour of a couple areas around town.

Some of them have been beautifully restored, while others in shadier parts of town that have been converted into apartments for college students or sold very cheaply to brave do-it-yourself folks for around $250K.

Most of the converted apartments look nice and stay within the style while others, as you can imagine, are patched together cheaply by whoever lives in them month to month...which is always sad.

I really need to win the lotto soon.

There are a couple of those "sad" homes that I would like to make very happy again.


Brad said...

Aww, you did this for me to make up for Biltmore didn't you? Bless.

I'm with ya on old houses. I could spend days looking at old homes. I'm an architecture junky, but it's also about imagining all the stories they could tell, and some times do. Our old place was 1908 - the new one is 1918 (old for Seattle) - everytime you tear into a wall or pull up some flooring you find a bit more of the puzzle.

Vampire Hours said...

LOL...well, I actually planned it beforehand, but if it makes you feel better about being wrong about me not going to the Biltmore...then I'm okay with that. =)