Friday, October 16, 2009

Southern Creepy Dolls

As readers of this blog have come to know...I have a strange fascination with old creepy dolls, usually found in museums and antique stores, that I encounter along my travels.

I am convinced that children all across the globe have been unknowingly scarred for life after receiving one of these "cute" plastic ghouls at some point when they were wee people.

This one was probably responsible for Renee Zellweiger's distracting sour-patch expression.

This nappy-headed duo were probably the Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie of their day. Equally disturbing then, but without the added threat of also having them show up weekly on your television.

Remember "Sybil"? Well, it's one of my favorite movies and, although Sally Field won an Emmy, I'll wager she was jealous that the actress who played her mother...

Had a huggable doll marketed after her extremely nurturing character.

I certainly wouldn't be able to hold my water if that showed up in my house.

As I was about to head back home for the day, I noticed this figure peering out of the corner of an old, dark, dirty store window...

I swear I saw her mouth move...probably beckoning me to take her out of that haunting place and into my house.

Sorry Sally...I just don't have enough room in my luggage.

Or in my nightmares.


Brad said...

The last one is AWESOME in her creepiness. These things do seem to find you!

Vampire Hours said...

Well, hopefully she won't actually find me. I'm sleeping with the doors and windows locked...just so she doesn't fly in for a visit!