Monday, October 5, 2009

Doll Lore

If you put your kid's old toys up in the attic, as these people did, I hope you don't find something like this when you finally decide to move years later...

The doll had aged and now had the face of a very old person. The skin was drawn back to an almost zombie like, or even mummified appearance. What makes it more unnerving to look at are the human qualities of it, particularly those eyes which appear to be staring straight at you.

If this story is true, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that George Hamilton, Jacklyn Smith, or Courtney Cox have something similiar tucked away somewhere as well.

Besides Botox, it's gotta be the reason they continue looking younger as the years go by.

I'm heading up to Ohio today to spend the week with my family.

I should probably put my Cher doll up in the attic the moment I get there.

If anyone can turn back time for's her!


Brad said...

It's like looking in the mirror on Monday mornings.

Vampire Hours said...

Oh...I doubt that. Maybe Sunday morning, but certainly not Monday.

Sissy said...

To Brad: that's me...morning, noon, and especially at night. Ugh...getting old is a bitch!

To Ken: You know I just couldn't NOT pass this little gem on.

Vampire Hours said...

You know I couldn't NOT post it on the blog. I must share, ya' know. =)