Thursday, October 8, 2009

Porch Life

Whenever I'm back home in Tipp, I like to wander around our little town and take pictures of the old homes and fall colors.

It's a beautiful time of year back here (before the gray and gloom of winter sets in) and, after living in California for so long, the city reminds me of a studio backlot tour, complete with quaint, old homes with character and wrap-around front porches.

I love me some porches.

On the West coast, you rarely see people relaxing in front of their homes (probably for fear of a drive-by shooting or fruiting). But, back here...the porch is a place to have a beverage or snack, a time to wave at the folks driving or walking by, or a space to just wind down from a long day while pondering what to make for dinner.

Plus, they become showcases for a variety of fancy porch furnishings, holiday displays, and, for many, a variety of baby strollers and car seats that never quite make it inside the front door.

Also, home prices tend to be a "wee" bit less than what I'm used to in Los Angeles. The houses pictured above, on quiet tree-lined streets near the park and main street, go for about $130,000. You can barely buy a mobile home out in the boonies of LA for that.

Even the realtor signs have a more relaxed look and feel, compared to the business-attired sales folks on the West coast ads covering every gum-laden bus bench in the city. Cowboy hats and flannel just might convey a more comfortable "Come buy this house, ya'll" feel that is lacking in the current market back there.

Jim and Lori might need to come out to LA and give a seminar or two.

My brother recently bought a ginormous almost-new house at a Sheriff's sale (almost 4,000 sq. ft. on a few acres of land...with a barn) in the mid-$200's. It's HUGE and he's doing most of the tune-up work (mostly cosmetic) himself so that he can resell it soon.

The house also has an unfinished 2,000 sq. ft. basement that just needs insulation, dry wall and flooring to be ready for a family or three to move right in.

Maybe I'll suggest that Jim and Lori should handle the sale.

I have a feeling they'd know a few farming folks that just might have the riding mowers and livestock necessary to get that party started.

Oh...and a little update on my new canine friend here at the house.

I recently learned that...well, how should I put this....hmmm...

Once in a while, Cookie likes to eat her "homemade cookies" after she "bakes them" and leaves them "out in the yard" for cooling.

I hope my subtle "air-quoting" technique was able to convey this delicate dilemma properly.

I'm still practicing my timing on the distraction tactics necessary to avoid that particular scenario.

But, I am getting better.


Brad said... puppy kisses eh?

All the houses look so well kept too. Wish I had them for neighbors.

Sissy said...

Wow! I LOVE your brother's house...and oh, the things I could do with that barn. About Cookie and her "cookies"....ewwww. Just plain old "ewwww."

I can't wait until you get here to JC! As folks are fond of saying in these parts: "We'd be so proud to have ya!" And Cousin Lisa is baking one of her famous cakes in honor of your arrival, so put some speed on it. :-)

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah, the people in town tend to keep their houses pretty clean, although not all of them. I tried to avoid taking photos of the ugly ones (didn't wanna get shot).

I'm looking forward to visiting JC too. Bring on the cake!

As far as Cookie. Yeah...not so much of the mouth kissing.

Roland said...

In defense of Cookie: What she is doing is perfectly natural. It's common among about 35% - 40% of dogs. Mine did it too. It's a territorial instinct. Since "cookies" contains scent markers, dogs will eat them to discourage squaters (so to speak).

It is a little less common to eat your own treats. But, don't they all look like Baby Ruth bars anyway?

Vampire Hours said...

Thanks for that educational tidbit, Roland. I'll keep that in mind while I'm chasing her around the yard with the scooper.