Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walking home tour

It seems that the Tipp City library opens at 10 am, which did me no good at 9 am this morning when I arrived (which is when my Mom thought it opened). So, rather than walk back...I just set up my computer on the steps of the library and worked from there as my "stuffed friends" looked on.

Only in Tipp.

While driving around with my parents yesterday, we passed this house (which is right next to my sister's house and 5 houses up from my parent's house...all on historic Main Street) and I commented about how much I liked it. My mom said "Oh it rents for about $900/month".

$900 a MONTH?!!

It's a 3 story (with basement) house with at least 4 bedrooms, a full garage and in a great area. I mean, you can walk to the Dairy Queen in about one minute from there.

As we passed a couple homes, also on Main Street, I noticed for sale, I had to ask if they knew how much they were selling for....

These two homes are listed (and have been sitting on the market for almost a year) in the mid-200's. They each have 4-5 bedrooms.

This house (which is next to my parents) has been empty for 4 years and on the market for over a year. It has 4 complete floors, at least 5 bedrooms, a full garage with guest quarters, a pool AND a second 3 bedroom house on the back part of the lot that has its own address on the next street. The entire property (both houses on about 1/2 acre) has been for sale for $450 K.

In California, these houses would go for 3 times the amount they do here. Plus, I've heard that many people here in Tipp tend to prefer the "new" developments outside of town...which suprises me. There are so many wonderful old homes in town with great character, lots of light, on quiet streets right in town and not a crack whore in sight.

So, I took my camera out for a walk yesterday and thought I'd show you a few other homes in our fair city that I enjoy.

This is my sister's house....it was built in the 1890's and has HUGE rooms and high ceilings.

And here are some other homes along my walk...

Aren't they purty?

I've seen a few of these houses for sale over the past few years and many of them went for $150-$200K. Why do I live in California again?

Oh, that's right....for the traffic, smog and lack of greenery.

They certainly don't have that here.


Mark Ward said...

Thanks, Kenny, for taking me back...wayyyyyyyyyyyy back. The real estate is indeed cheap, but the cost to one's life is large (in my opinion). Does Tipp City have a Starbucks? Is Paddy's still there? Inquiring minds want to know! Give my best to your parents.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! You have captured the essence of the historic Tipp area- it's beautiful.

Better than Starbux, Tipp City has Grounds for Pleasure, http://visittippcity.org/2007/01/01/new-sponsor-grounds-for-pleasure/

Harrison's and Coldwater Cafe are wonderful restaurants.

It's small town life, and for many people, a quiet, charming, inexpensive town is a perfect place to call home.