Friday, October 3, 2008

Asheville Zoo

This was one of the most unique zoos I've ever visited. The animals were so could literally reach out and touch them and they didn't flinch. I've never been so close to wildlife like this....

The slender giraffe.

Wild elephants.

Creepy alligators.

The elusive Pink Flamingos.

And even a Rhino....

Being a small child, Wiley preferred to call it "Putt Putt Golf" and Cindy and Gaby just played along. But, I do know how kids like to make up their own names for people and places.

It's really cute how they do that.

Maybe when he's older, he'll realize how lucky he was to be able to visit a special zoo where you can get a wild animal to stop and pose for a picture.

Until then....I won't correct him.

Kids need to be kids as long as they can.

Reality can wait.

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