Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The next day...you're out!

Well, the time finally came to make some DVR decisions and a few shows have been lopped off.

Grey's Anatomy

The past year has really been uneven on this show and, with fewer and fewer sympathetic characters to root for....my dedication has been teetering. Then, my two least favorite characters finally did it in for me.

Last week's episode focused on Derek (he of the big hair) getting a magazine cover for a medical study that he and Meredeth (she of the show title) worked on for several episodes last season. Of course, Derek just gloated to Meredeth about how cool the article/cover was and never once suggested she should have been included or mentioned (which she wasn't). When Meredeth finally talked to him about it (in the annoying passive aggressive way all of the characters do), Derek, rather than realize he'd been insensitive and a jerk, decided to call her a baby for wanting any credit because HE is a doctor and she's just an intern.

If these characters had an ounce or reality to them, she would have shoved that magazine up his pooper and dumped him forever. But, of course, she didn't. She just moped, he got some advice from another character, then got her a stupid momento, thanked her casually, smiled and went on his McIdiot way..

As did this show...right off my DVR.


Since I enjoy JJ Abrams' "Lost" and know he directed the upcoming "Star Trek" movie, I decided to start watching his new "X-Files"-esque show (which I also enjoyed when it was on) and see how it was. I really liked the way "Fringe" was shot and their use of "where are we now?" graphics that were cleverly floating on screen.

However, what I quickly started to notice and, ultimately what did it in for me, was the weekly gore-factor of everyday people being subjected to horrific experiments by a mysterious organization. First episode, a plane load of people that had their skin melted off. Another week, probes shoved up people's noses into their brains to read their memories.

Then....last week.

A restaurant full of people with bleeding eyes and, then, someone's head exploding against the glass door....followed by lots of closeups of dissecting the, now headless, neck and torso.

The real world is creepy enough (just read or watch the news) and full of wackos trying to figure out how to hurt others...no need to make time to watch these fictional people abuse people like me in horrific ways each week in HD.

I'll just wait for "Lost" to come back and "Star Trek" to come out in May. As for this show...

All done. Bye, bye.

Samantha Who?

Another show that I wanted to like (cause I love Jean Smart) and, although I didn't love it...stuck with it to see if it would get better.

Unfortunately, it just hasn't. The writing is awful, the characters aren't that funny and the situations are always predictable and are quickly resolved for an unsatisfying ending.

Samantha, who deleted us?

I did.

Kath and Kim

I love, love, LOVE Molly Shannon.

I do, however, feel the complete opposite about her new show after three viewings.

I can kick and stretch and KICK....this show off of my DVR.


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