Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New TV season

After my trip, I came back to a DVR full of new shows, which I've spent the past week trying to catch up on.

Being a TV junkie, I've always looked forward to the new fall season. It's been like that ever since I was a kid and, as an adult, I find I still watch more television than the average Joe (not necessarily just the plumbers).

I was surprised that ER got rid of Mekhi Pfeiffer in the first episode. That was a shock and, adding to that, was the preview for the following episode which was promoted as "Abbys last day in the ER".


Maura Tierney's Abby was the only character that has kept me watching it this long. She, above everyone else, remained the sole relateable human on the show and now, as of last week, she's gone too.

I know it's the last season, but I'm not sure if I'm going to continue watching. Bringing on an angry Angela Bassett into the mix just doesn't cut it. I don't want to watch another cranky doctor barking orders at people week after week (until we find out, in a "very special episode", about the tragedy that lurks in her past that will change the ER forever).

So, I'm gonna take it one episode at a time and see how I feel then.

On a brighter note, The New Adventures of Old Christine is still just as entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny as it was last season. They were smart to make Wanda Sykes a regular and, on top of that, have her marry Christine so she could remain in the country after her divorce.

The two of them together make for some priceless moments of hilarity that you can't help but crack a smile over.

Perhaps ER's Angela Bassett should add that to her TIVO season pass list. That character really needs to lighten up.

Brothers and Sisters is also a welcome return, although I'm starting to sense a bit more melodrama in these early episodes than were around in the past. But, I love me some Sally Field (and that house...I want her house!) and most of the other characters, so it'll remain a must-see for the near future.

Grey's Anatomy continues to teeter on the season pass removal ledge. I'm enjoying fewer and fewer of the characters (Dr. Baily better never leave!) and storylines (hey kids....why don't you try to date OUTSIDE of the hospital?).

They need to bring back Addison (just cancel the lame "Private Practice" already...another show where they only seem to date each other) and, on a "very special episode", have Grey go mute so no one has to hear her whine endlessly on about McDreary ever again.

Until that happens....it's week to week for them.

And last, but certainly not least....

Denny Crane!

I don't care how ridiculous the characters act on Boston Legal....the show is entertaining and, if nothing else, worth watching just for James Spader's captivating closing arguments as Alan Shore. I would buy a DVD collection that only featured those final speeches.

I would!

Unfortunately, this is also the last season for "Boston Legal", so I'm gonna savor ever last episode while I can.

Maybe Maura Tierney will show up at some point, now that she's "free".

That episode would definitely be worth two "Pops" and a hop on the Jerry Espenson scale!

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