Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Shannara Chronicles

 photo cfd9cac0-b201-4924-9d41-69d3e0132f93_zpsulxbdiug.jpg

I didn't think the day would ever come again when I would utter the phrase "I can't wait to see that show on MTV!".

However, after watching this cool new trailer for their upcoming SciFi series The Shannara Chronicles...I'm definitely wanting my MTV again.

 photo 35e0a0b9-ec9c-4c2a-b121-9e3c2ef3d48b_zpskknrnrtz.jpg

 photo 893dd633-82e7-4f0d-a398-bda29494cc52_zps5siza2kd.jpg

 photo b2a43865-af67-47ba-9f61-2423022e97ad_zpsqxbmgodg.jpg

 photo 467ae1ba-67e7-47b5-8bcb-268b3951b992_zpsptq3ohcp.jpg

 photo 1955afc9-4b36-4d1f-b9e5-f1ad21871b71_zpsqyt4x1cr.jpg

 photo 85f76710-eb64-4adf-a8b6-98b54889a4c5_zps86xja5if.jpg

 photo b34d8734-9607-4837-bddc-032faedd57b4_zpsh9l9eq1d.jpg

 photo 2cb47836-dfcc-4a0a-bf50-65587bd2618a_zpsmcb97ssx.jpg

 photo 13fe0c16-7dce-4037-b251-12a14c7dd245_zpstuloumpr.jpg

It looks kind of like Game of Thrones, mixed with a little Lord of the Rings (it was filmed in New Zealand as well), with just a pinch of Jupiter Ascending.

Plus, it's about elves...which I always enjoy.

I'm in!

The Shannara Chronicles premieres on MTV January 16, 2016.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hold back time

 photo 5dc9627a-ad3f-4fa0-90e0-c53c03a26c02_zpsbxntps12.jpg

The trailer for the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey was released this weekend...

It looks like change is coming for just about everyone on the show, which should be interesting and fun to watch.

As much as I don't want this show to end, I suppose I'm just going to have to accept it and enjoy the final season when it starts airing here in the states on January 3rd (and, NO, I'm not going to stream it early after it starts airing in the UK on September 20th).


Friday, August 28, 2015

Image control

 photo 17481944-05b4-433e-bcc9-74e819d0f624_zpsaowmzofk.png

Girl Scouts + Puppy = Perfect Supergirl publicity pic

 photo 72ed1b6c-c353-4d44-bae7-bfb4fb66eed0_zpsimxpegbn.jpg

It looks like her cousin could use a new PR agent.

Or a puppy.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Game changer

 photo b7140d1c-6c8c-45ab-957a-f28d39c5dc58_zpszyqrvu9a.png

After years of development and false starts, production finally begins Monday on the hugely popular video game-to-movie Assassin's Creed. The studio released the first look at Michael Fassbender today in costume as the lead, Callum Lynch.

Here's a bit about the movie...

The game series features an evil company called Abstergo, which created Animus. It’s technology that allows people to relive the “genetic history” of their ancestors. As you’d expect, they don’t use the tech for the best reasons but the Assassin’s Order does. They use it to train modern assassin’s through the genes of great assassins of the past. 

Fassbender’s Lynch finds out he’s the descendant of Aguilar, a deadly 15th-Century Spanish assassin. And through the Animus, he learns the skills to fight the evil company in modern times.

The reason for Fassbender to play a new character is that the game’s creators at Ubisoft have developed such a rich history over the course of the franchise, this movie doesn’t want to mess with that or just retell a story fans have played before. This is set in the same world, but it’s a wholly new adventure.

 photo 7de305a6-90ad-49eb-ae73-6fcf594dc4b2_zpskdc2q9fu.jpg

It looks like they've captured the look of his character pretty well, based on the pic from the game. It'll be interesting to see how the true gamers end up feeling about the film once its completed.

For the rest of us, we just want it to look good, move fast, and not bore us to tears.

The film is scheduled to be released December 21, 2016.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Holding out for a hero

 photo abde09ee-7dba-493e-a508-9e3b46fce275_zpssdu6yd1t.jpg

Heroes Reborn is coming next month and the studio has released a behind-the-scenes look at what we should expect from this update...

I liked the first season of the original Heroes, but each season got progressively tiresome and ridiculous. So, let's hope they learned their lesson and give us more powers and less carnivals.

Like, NO carnivals (and that goes for you too, American Horror Story!).

Monday, August 24, 2015

It's legit!

 photo Kristen_zpshgc4ygxw.jpg

Kristen Wiig celebrated her birthday over the weekend. So, to join in the festivities, I think we need to watch some of her most memorable characters from SNL...

I had forgotten about Judy Grimes the "Just Kidding" lady...HILARIOUS.

And I'm not kidding.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Making a scene

 photo cddca3cc-bd4d-4fff-86b4-5a5fac8fa304_zps55zafwin.png

Here is a first-look shot from the set of Star Trek Beyond (above) and also a video of Lady Gaga on the American Horror Story set.

I'm looking forward to both of them, so here's hoping that they get things wrapped up soon so we can all start watching.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on October 7th, 2015 and Star Trek Beyond opens on July 8th, 2016.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Downton Crabby

 photo 8859d9a1-dbae-4d5c-b4d1-6bf776ff63fa_zpsbpdy2drc.jpg

The cast of Downton Abbey completed filming their sixth and final season last week and, to mark the occasion, the production team released some new photos of the cast for people to enjoy before the show starts airing in the UK next month (and then here in the U.S. on Sunday January 3rd).

 photo df38053a-44d8-4b72-95f5-20124f63ea7a_zpsudjuyyfm.jpg

 photo 9e57cfb3-f4ff-4545-bf91-e26b72fb9580_zps8nr0wton.jpg

 photo 1afb84ce-7175-4b0a-8939-d0e73aa060e8_zpswtcp1rua.jpg

 photo c60aa5d0-79a0-4c0e-bd9c-e6f3688c5f4b_zps9j9itu0k.jpg

 photo 1b79a23a-e6ea-471a-856f-36cc815da00a_zpstnyjf7sf.jpg

 photo 7f977955-023f-4d49-8391-91a91092780b_zpsap9v6m9x.jpg

 photo d8295e2e-d892-445c-a9f0-18351b4c84ad_zps7nmxwri9.jpg

I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this show. From the beautiful scenery and cinematography, the witty and touching writing, to the actors who did such an amazing job making you care for them, even when a couple of them got on your last nerve at times.

I'm really going to miss the show and them.

 photo 42775e51-ec05-43d5-a791-bda07704081c_zpsy2jgti0v.jpg

But, I think I'm going to miss the Dowager Countess (Dame Maggie Smith) most of all.

She definitely expresses, below, exactly how I feel about Downton Abbey coming to an end...

 photo 13oql_zps8af62603.gif

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yvonne Craig

 photo d39579bd-d7d3-411c-b543-42aa3ace4958_zpsxvzibxm2.jpg

Very sad news today...

Yvonne Craig, best known for her role as Batgirl in the iconic 1960s television series Batman, died Monday. She was 78. 

Craig was a trained dancer who had studied at the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and toured for three years. Those dancing skills came in handy when the character of Batgirl debuted on ABC's popular superhero crime-fighting series in 1967. Craig was able to perform her own stunts alongside Adam West, who played Batman. 

 photo 6e51df8d-3d08-4713-a182-d2423ad27fdf_zps9rhnhtwz.jpg

Star Trek fans will remember Craig's work, too. She played Marta, the green-skinned Orion slave girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk in Season 3. 

Other roles include the 1963 movie It Happened at the World's Fair and 1964's Kissin' Cousins, both staring Elvis Presley. She also made guest appearances on popular TV shows throughout the 1970s, including Starsky & Hutch, The Six Million Dollar Man and Kojak.

I remember always looking forward to seeing Batgirl show up on Batman during that season and then, around the same time, seeing Ms. Craig show up on Star Trek (a show I've "kinda" been a fan of forever).

She was one of the last to approve a license for her Batman character for merchandising (she didn't do it until 2013), so that explains the lack of action figures out there of her likeness.

However,  it appears the wait was worth it.

 photo 0d0f5d10-c91e-4753-b506-c446330dd0e3_zps5opowvsy.jpg

A company called Tweeterhead has just completed a new Batgirl statue and it looks almost exactly like her as the character in almost every detail (right down to the eyes, which seems to be something most companies constantly get wrong when doing any kind of character figure).

 photo f2a91724-7ba1-4770-8835-2e2a5cda30b3_zpsx3osf8po.jpg

I just might have to get one of these for my collection.

She will definitely be missed. However, she has left a memorable mark in the Pop Culture world and her character will live on for a very long time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What hump?

 photo ffc1db98-15e3-4254-abe6-ab3478c15f6c_zpsamwblroe.jpg

The first trailers for Victor Frankenstein were released today and it's interesting to see how the two dramatically differ in tone...

Here is the U.S. version...

We get the somewhat generic version featuring a weird creature wrecking havoc on the Brits.

Here is the International version...

The International folks get a more "Victor is the monster, not the creature he made" version, which appears more intellectual overall.

I guess they really do know their audience.

This Frankenstein is not the usual bolts-in-the-neck-Herman Munster version we're used to seeing in the past. It's more of a slimy-CGI-alien-meets-The Thing creation.

Plus, it appears Igor (Daniel Radcliff) finds a way to get rid of his hump.

I'll bet Dumbledor had something to do with that.