Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let the sun shine


The sun FINALLY came out today and this is the location where I'm writing this blog posting.

I don't want to leave...

I found out that there was a hotspot for wireless at a hotel about 10 minutes walk from my place. So, rather than head into town and sit in the sterile Telecom main office, I headed on down. When I got here, the gal at the office said "Oh, just go down to the can work on your computer there."

A bar with internet connectivity.

Sheer heaven.

It's a cute little local hotel, with a nice outdoor bar, great view of the clear water and hard liquor...really, what more do you need?


FYI....I missed my "anti-clockwise" bus right after I stopped blogging. I was power-walking up the street, saw the bus and watched as it power-drove off. Curses! The next bus wasn't for an hour and a half (about the same time it would take me to walk back...why rush?). So, I waited at the bus stop...alone. The stores all close at 4:30....everything closes at 4:30. I chatted with a couple people during my time there, mostly the ones driving up to get money out of the ATM next to me (which wasn't working). After a few minutes, I became the "It's not working" guy, waving people on so they wouldn't have to stop, get out, check...then swear and storm back to their cars in the rain. Right before the clockwise bus arrived, I noticed the sun peek, ever so carefully, out of the clouds (above). A ray of hope for the next day...

Last night was spent hanging out with many of the backpackers at the hostel. A very diverse and interesting group. Since my mind remembers no names (including my own), I'll refer to them by nationality...

Canadians: I met a nice Canadian couple last night (they are in the beach hut next to me). They are about my age and this is their first stop on their year-long travel adventure. When I asked them why now...the wife said "Life is too short to wait." They have been talking about it for a while, seriously for the last year and decided to just do it. They both left their jobs, rented out their house they are.

Israeli: I have been talking to this really nice girl from Israel. She got there the day before me, alone for the first time in her 5 month trip with her boyfriend (he was short on cash and so they took a little break and she'll meet up with him in Thailand this weekend). She, like me, has encountered several people who, because of where she comes from, tell her they don't like her country or what it stands for. We discussed how sad it is that people can be so narrow minded about people and judge them soley on where they are from, rather than the person they are actually speaking with...the one in front of them smiling and saying " are you?"

Irish: Chatted with an Irish guy at the bar last night. He has 5 weeks vacation and is spending 3 of it here and a few days in LA. He is traveling alone and just wanted a quiet break from his full time translating job back home. He's got a great sense of humor (as most Irish I've encountered) and plays a mean game of pool.

The Danish: I enjoy the raspberry kirshtort and lemon puff.

Good night! I'll be here through Saturday!


The Danish: I also spoke to two Danish guys who are in the middle of a 6 month trip traveling together. They just got back from a three week stay on a very remote island (they were the only tourists), so are enjoying contact with regular people and being able to get online. They are headed to LA in a few weeks, then New York for three weeks.

The German: He seems to be all of 23, also traveling alone. He arrived two days ago and is traveling for an undetermined time. Until he decides he wants to go back, I suppose.

The New Zealander: I don't know her whole story, but she appears to be traveling alone and, when I spoke to her yesterday. She was soaking wet on her scooter and I directed her to the place where I got my rain poncho. She was pleased, purchased one and scooted back to the hostel.

The Brits: On the way into town, I was sitting next to a gal from London. She had just gotten married on Saturday and she and her husband (sitting further back in the very full bus) were on their honeymoon. They are here for a week and then head out to Aitutaki (the exclusive, fancy, perfect beaches island about 3 hours flight from here. Not in my all) for another week before flying back to London.

Irish Two: Electric Boogaloo: The only other people to board the clockwise bus with me last night, was an older couple, carrying half-opened large beers. Turns out, they also missed the 4:30 bus and decided to go into the one bar open nearby for a beer or twelve. They were very funny and have been traveling since January and have another few months to go. They appeared to be having a great time and, for me, it was just entertaining watching them attempting to focus on the road, wondering if they would recognize or remember where they were actually staying. Thankfully for them, the bus driver remembered for, they slurred their goodbyes and teetered their way down the steep bus steps to the solid ground below.


I enjoy meeting the various travel kids (of all ages) and hearing all of their stories. Some people have seen so much and others are just beginning.

With the sun shining, most of us just hung out around the pool trying to enjoy the weather while it is bright and clear. There is a nasty rumor it'll cloud up again tonight through the weekend. So, I'm gonna get back to the whole relaxing thing, while I have the chance.

The traffic, crime, noise, and stress of LA is just a few days away.

I'm gonna need all the rest I can get....


Anonymous said...

Yes, the City of Angels, Ken. Can you feel it closing in on you even now? Do you hear the sound of inevitability, Mr. Anderson? 10 to 1 odds Ken extends his trip another week... any takers?

Vampire Hours said...

Yes, I can feel my shoulders tensing already. Believe me, the thought of extending my trip another few weeks...months...years has crossed my mind daily. The trip is getting shorter and Leon's getting laaarrger.

Sissy said...

A very wise man once told me, "never take a bet, and if you do...only bet a nickel." On this one, I think I'll pass.

And Ken...any dolls on this leg of the trip?

Vampire Hours said...

I haven't seen any scary dolls yet. As I said before, the museum was one room and closed...but I did peek through the gate and didn't see any. They were probably their toy coffins.

Lo said...

I laughed out loud at the vision of you being "it doesnt work" guy at the bus stop - why didnt you get on the people stopping to take your picture?!