Thursday, April 17, 2008

International inebriations...


Well, after sharing my story about the magic beach bar to my friends at the hostel, guess where we all ended up this afternoon?

Compared to the hostel, this is paradise. I think the bar's proximity to the beach has helped. We could be facing a major freeway, but if there was a bar would likely drown out all of the noise...and light...and...I'm sorry...where am I?


After finally being able to see a sunset last night, Rotum (Israel, pictured above) and I went to the yearly island cultural performace by each of the schools on the island. There were about 12 schools (kids of all ages) performing traditional dances and songs of their various villages. The auditorium was packed with a few thousand people from all parts of the island. We weren't allowed to take photos because a local group was recording the event on DVD to sell to everyone later. They were very strict about that...



When the security Nazi ran downstairs to scold someone else, Rotum took this picture, which I just downloaded to my laptop from her camera memory card (who knew my computer even did that). Imagine these girls shakin' their booties very quickly side to side and you'll get the idea.

Tonight we have a local "Island Night" performance of dancing, singing and, hopefully drinking.

Of course, we're going to wait until the sunset here at this bar before heading back for showers.

I mean, why waste access to a nice bar on the beach when you don't have to?

I have a feeling we'll all be back here tomorrow with even more people...

Oh...since there has been a lack of scary dolls here on the island (at least that I've found), my friend Maggie in Asheville, North Carolina, sent me this hilarous pic of scary dolls she found on a recent trip to Los Angeles.


A lamp that would look lovely over any formal dining room.

I may have more scary doll research to do in LA when I get back...


Anonymous said...

Oh Professor? You managed to make a transatlantic call with a coconut shell and bamboo parts. Can't you figure out a way to distill some bananas into Rum or something? Lovey and I are getting parched waiting for the Skipper and Gilligan to patch up the Minnow.

Vampire Hours said...

I've got one of MaryAnn's coconut cream pies, some red hair from Ginger and a curling iron from "the rest". So, we should be connected very soon.

Sissy said...

Ummm...yeah. About those fellas (or as they most likely pronounce it - "fullas").

Exactly which team do these lovely specimens play for...and if it happens to be mine, can you fit one in your suitcase? I'm not picky. Bartenders choice is always fine with me. Yep, that'll work!