Sunday, April 27, 2008

LA Traffic is ASS


This was something that I did NOT miss while traveling.

I was heading home from a birthday party tonight and traffic was moving along fine, until I saw a sign that said "3 Right Lanes Closed Ahead". THREE? On a Saturday night? There are only 4 lanes total. I remained calm and, when I noticed another freeway that branched off, heading east, I decided to take that. I moved along for about 15 minutes and decided to get on the 101 freeway and head home through Hollywood.

The two lanes that led onto that....stopped. Not moving. GREAT!

Got out of that, back on the previous freeway and headed further east and got on the 5 Freeway. All was fine until I got onto the entry lane....barely moving. It took a half hour to get 1 mile and then I saw another sign "4 Left Lanes Closed Ahead". FOUR?! There are only 5 total. After coasting along at a swift 5 mph for another half hour, I had to take ANOTHER freeway even further east to the 134 to get home another half hour later.


I think this is a picture of the man who schedules all of the road construction on our freeways.

At the meeting this week, I'm sure he said (through both cheeks) "We need to do some construction...why not just do it all on the weekends, when 90 % of the people in LA will be on the roads? If we're gonna screw up traffic on one freeway, why not do some kind of construction on all of them at the same time?!"

And the city wonders why road rage is on the upswing around here.



Brad said...

Do the zen thing and mentally put yourself back on the Cook Islands

--sorry dude - that's all I got

Vampire Hours said...

Ohm...Ohm...much better. Thanks.

gonoles84 said...

Welcome to my life! Every day I make my drive from LA to Thousand Oaks and back again, I wonder...."is this the day I'll break my record commute?" Well, since I can't count cows on the sides of the road, at least it passes the time.