Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Danger Will Robinson!


While looking for a pic online, I came across this site that builds/sells robots based on the original "Lost In Space" TV show. I used to love that show and thought, one day when I'm rich, I'd make the Jupiter Two spaceship my pool house in the mansion that I'd obviously own with my unlimited income. Since that hasn't happened would still make an excellent Christmas gift.

And, for only $24, should make shopping for me much easier this year for one of you lucky people.

Or, if that is too pricey...the Christmas card version of Dr. Smith from the photo on the bottom of this post will also do. I still laugh hard every time I look at it.

Well, I am caught up on all, but one, of my backlog of TV shows on the DVR. I still have four episodes of "Boston Legal" (and a new one tonight), which I'm saving to watch with my roommate. Since he's so busy and not as TV-centric as I am, I just save the good shows that we both like ("30 Rock", "The Office" and "Boston Legal") for a TV night. It makes for a fun evening of laughing out loud, liquid-shooting-through-the-nose, rewind-that-again viewing.

The others, I get through on my own...


Grey's Anatomy

This is a show that I should like a lot more than I do. It's a show written by a woman, featuring a pretty good mix of actors and, more than surgeries, focuses on relationships. However, I didn't like it when it premiered and that should have stopped me there. I thought all of the characters were so unlikeable and annoying, that I didn't start watching it again until a year later when everyone at my office kept saying "You have to watch's so good now."

So I tried again...and got hooked.

It had a pretty good year, then slowly went to Hell from there. I used to like several of the characters enough to get through disliking the main Grey character. Her character was so whiny and made so many unrealistic choices that I kept hoping some kind of large object would fall down and McCrush she and McDreamy.

I still wish that. But, now I want the object to be large enough to take out most of the cast and writing staff.

Izzy used to be good/interesting to watch...then they had her fall in love with George randomly in one episode...eliminating any sympathy for her character or the other character I really liked, until that storyline...Torres. I liked Torres because she constantly pointed out exactly what I thought about the main characters...they were so self-absorbed, pretty mean and not very nice to hang around. Then, the writers made Torres just as dramatic and unlikeable as the rest.

Now, the only character that keeps me watching at this point is Bailey.


She and the actress who plays her are great and feature the only cast member with any kind of realism, personality and humanity that merits screen time. If they'd only give her a bit more to do in each episode.

After last week's stupid episode about "the contest" and watching the three main gals treating patients with absolutely no sliver of realism (Grey actually exclaimed with glee "Oh...TUMOR" in front of a man who ended up having one that was going to kill him), it's gonna be difficult for them to keep me watching another season.

Unless they get rid of the annoying characters and just call it "Bailey's Anatomy" or "My Vajay-jay".



As confusing and complicated as this show becomes each year...I am hooked. After watching six episodes in a row yesterday, I am not about to drop this show anytime soon.

Now, that in mind, a part of me also thinks that the only way to keep anyone, but an avid fan, watching this show is by just showing several episodes in a row over a series of days. It's so complicated that, I think, people who miss one episode just get frustrated and stop watching. If they made "Lost" a mini-series each year and just played the entire season over the course of one week (a couple hours a night), I think they might be able to keep people involved.

All that being said, if you are a fan of this show, this is a great season!

I am constantly amazed at how well-planned and thought-out this show is. To be able to plot out flashbacks and flashforwards, while also focusing on the present, is unprecidented and very smart. It's like watching three different series, with the same cast, all rolled into one. I don't know how they do it, but I'm gonna keep watching.

Unless they air a very special episode called "The Harlem Globetrotters on Lost".

Then, I might be done.


gonoles84 said... of my favorite shows. And man, were Dad and oldest son HOT or what??! Of course, we all know the story of how my oldest son, Zachary, was named....yup, you guessed it! "Warning, warning Will Robinson, Dr. Zachary Smith!" I actually have a mini version on my desk at work.

Vampire Hours said...

I also have the mini-version of the ship and robot (including the Robot Christmas ornament). Hmmm...I wonder why I'm still single? I did enjoy Matt LeBlanc's Major West from the "Lost in Space" movie. How YOU doin', Dr. Smith?