Thursday, July 16, 2009

Berlin, Germany

For a city that has a very dark and turbulant history, Berlin really has a lot of beautiful art, rich culture and friendly people around to make any trip well worth the effort.

The architecture is an interesting mix of old and new. After the city was practically destroyed many years ago, people began designing a lot of very modern structures amidst the existing historical buildings.

The city is also remarkably green and clean, with countless small parks and restaurants scattered throughout the city almost every couple of blocks. It really makes walking around quite relaxing and encourages you to keep going or just to sit on a bench for a few minutes to sip a tasty beverage and admire the greenery.

But, one of the best parts of the city are the many historical buildings, statues, and art that you encounter along the way. It really is amazing how much detailed craftsmanship went into every structure that was created so many years ago.

And, as much as I prefer old architecture to modern, there really are some very nice newer creations out there that catch the eye.

Overall, it's a surprisingly beautiful and walkable city filled with great food, museums and courteous (and suprisingly reserved) people with a lot to offer. There is no shortage of sights to see or fun to be had.

You might even find, like I did, that a new bar will be opened in your honor while you're there.

I would have been happy with a free snack, but I appreciated their gesture none the less.

After staying out far later than we had planned, having to pack early in the morning and, during all of this, discovering that I had somehow deleted or lost my entire folder of photos from Berlin on my laptop (thankfully I had just uploaded these in the morning before we headed out), our flight back to Los Angeles yesterday went well.

Not sure what happened to my photos, but I plan to pay a little visit to the Geek Squad at Best Buy soon to see if they can locate them somewhere in the bowels of my Berlin-eating computer.

My laptop doesn't realize just how close it came to taking its own early morning flight right over our balcony...

For now, I'm just going to settle back into life in LA and catch up on stuff here at home.

Be it ever so humble...


Joel said...

Whew, I'm glad you uploaded these, Ken. Especially the last one of you and Oscar - my favorite. Good luck and I'm glad you are home.

Rev. Gabrielle Michel said...

Wow Kenny, it sounds like an amazing trip. The photos are amazing, they'd make great postcards or advertisements.

Miss you!

RobertLA said...

Hey Ken
I absolutly love love love your pics. You have a real eye for form and beauty. I might have to use some of your photos in my Geometry class.

Unknown said...

I read this post to get excited about my trip next week to Berlin...mission accomplished, thanks to your gorgeous pics!

Vampire Hours said...

Thanks Robert. Glad you like the pics and feel free to use any of them for your geometry class. Jessa: You'll love Berlin!