Monday, July 13, 2009

Zzzzz Gallery

This was my walk to the restaurant on the water that had internet a few days ago. You can see a giant church in the background...more about that in a minute.

It's 2 am and I'm blogging while listening to the soothing sounds of the Snoreman Tabernacle Choir (Edgar upstairs and Oscar downstairs). I so wish I could record it for you all to enjoy, but I can' you'll just have to imagine the lilting warble of wild animals with nasal blockage echoing loudly inside a vacant warehouse to get the full effect.

Although Edgar got wi-fi in his condo the second day here, we still enjoy walking over to this little restaurant for snacks, the view and relaxing. It's really an amazing place to sit, admire nature and fill your pie-hole.

Yesterday, we took a walk across the street to see the church. It dates WAY back and had, at some point, been hit by a bomb...which destroyed the roof and all the interior, leaving just the outer shell of the church behind.

Here is the view from the right side of the church (notice the missing roof).

Here is the view from the left side of the church (you can see the outline where the roof used to exist).

I love old churches and architecture, so it's sad to see such an amazing structure in such disrepair. However, it's still quite beautiful even in its current state. From the front of the church, you can see the back tower through a giant hole that used to be filled with stained glass.

There is also a beautiful angel statue on top of the church....I love me some angel statues! I wish they had smaller replicas of some of them for sale here in the city. They are stunningly detailed and life-like.

I have taken over 1,000 photos of Berlin alone in the past couple days (the rain finally stopped), so I hope to have some of those posted sometime tomorrow.

Berlin is really a very beautiful city and not at all what I expected. When you see the photos, you'll know what I mean.

Hmmm...the snoremen appear to be in sync at the moment.

I need to find my earplugs.

Bye, bye, bye.

Oh, we were supposed to see the leaning tower of Pisa before we left Italy last week, but we were running so far behind schedule there just wasn't time. Thankfully, I saw a replica of it here in Berlin...

I'm sure seeing it in person is just about the same as staring at a model of it in a small plexiglass box, right?

That's what I choose to believe anyway...


Brad said...

Great pics as usual. Oddly you've not posted any evil looking dolls on this trip. Could the curse be broken?

Vampire Hours said...

There have been more evil looking statues, which I'll probably post once I get back to LA (too many to choose from). Very soon...we leave early tomorrow for LA. =)

Unknown said...

trust me, the model of the tower has the same effect. Pisa isn't exciting at all.