Friday, July 10, 2009

Party people

Berlin has had rain and clouds since we got here. So, we haven't done much sightseeing yet. But, you know where it's not raining?

The bars.

So, Oscar, Edgar, Celio and I went out for drinks down the street. Beer is quite cheap here and we consumed mass quantities of it throughout the night.

Edgar and Celio left around 11:30, so Oscar and I decided to check out a nearby funky-looking bar called "Rose". And that's when Oscar met...


Well, that's what we called her anyway. She was the bartender, but looked like she also might work in a German correctional facility. She gave you your drinks when she felt like it and you liked it!


We then made friends with a group of German kids in a booth and spent the rest of the night drinking and hanging out with them. They were very friendly, fun and could speak English too, which is always a pleasure.

The bar walls and ceiling were covered in fur and adorned with a variety of interesting props, tacky religious figurines and paintings, and lighting that would even make Barbara Walters comfortable.

Nothing says "Welcome to my bar" like a giant silver pistol on the wall.

Or a plastic moose head and floral mirrors (and no...I'm not pulling my undies out of my crack in this photo, although it does kinda look like it).

Around 3:30 am, the kids decided that we were going to be joining them for Karoake. Not tomorrow, or "sometime this weekend"...


Most people know that I hate Karoake almost as much as going to the dentist. But, we are in Germany and had been properly liquored up by, I just went with the flow.

We all piled into cabs and headed to a bar on the other side of town. When we got there, it was empty and I was praying that they would say "We're closed, get out ya' bastards".

But no...

They assigned us one of those Karoake rooms you see in every movie, gave us a song book, more drinks and then we spent the next hour butchering just about every pop hit that came up on the screen.

Around 5:00 am, we headed back to our side of town, de-cabed, said goodbyes, and walked back to Edgar's condo and crashed into bed (almost literally in our condition)

Good times.


Unknown said...

Germany is insanity! I really did enjoy it there and found the people were extremely friendly. I only got to visit munich but it was awesome. I wondered what time the bar closed b/c we never seemed to find out lol. I love meeting new people on vacations, I think it's the best part!

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah, the people have been really nice and helpful. Plus, there are lots of parks/trees/greenery makes walking around very relaxing. We're venturing out into the city today, so I'm looking forward to that.

Sissy said...

Lordy Kenderson...this is all beyond beautiful! And ya are a MIGHTY photographer. (Have you taken up portraits yet? Can you make me look young and hot again?)

I can't wait to see more!