Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let us eat cake

Well, it seems that today I share a birthday with quite an eclectic group of people...

Tv's Sally Struthers ("All in the Family")

Rapper Soulja Boy

Author Beatrix Potter (Tales of Peter Rabbit)

"Showgirls" Elizabeth Berkley

And Jackie O.

Can you imagine all of the awkward conversation that would occur if we all got together at Ms. Potter's house for a birthday dinner?



gonoles84 said...

Let’s see....I think it might go something like this:

Everyone arrives at Ms. Potter’s house....Jackie O arrives fashionably late. Sally is trying to convince Elizabeth and Soulja Boy that they should consider becoming administrative assistants or criminologists due to their sagging entertainment careers. Ms. Potter and Jackie O talk hats....natch. Ken, who is beside himself being in the presence of such luminaries, asks Ms. Potter what it was like raising Harry before he became all famous. POOF! A stripper pole appears in the middle of the living room and everyone takes turns getting their groove on.

I’m guessing everyone spends the night....but that’s another story.

Vampire Hours said...

Wow. You've got the whole thing planned out and...I like it! Of course, you're invited to this party too.