Friday, July 3, 2009

Ciao Bella

We got into Florence last night and are staying at a beautiful villa in the countryside. The weather is pretty warm and a bit muggy...but we're in Italy, so who's gonna complain?

We are staying in one of four main living spaces (the last image above). There is a main house, our house, a house on the backside of ours and another on the hill. The countryside is beautiful and the people who have put us up have been wonderful. They have cooked us dinner both nights...amazing company, food and wine (and wonder Danny Devito goes crazy for it).

The grounds are vast with a variety of gardens, statues, olive fields, and amazing architecture everywhere you turn.

We are working a party tomorrow at a castle, so everyone has to get up, this will be short.

Hopefully I'll have more time in the next couple of days.


Rev. Gabrielle Michel said...

Ciao Kenny! I hope you have a blast. Beautiful photos.

Vampire Hours said...

Thanks Gab! I'm gonna do my best to enjoy it. Tomorrow will be crazy busy working, but after's all relaxing. =)

Unknown said...

Ciao Ken,
Enjoy Florence and Italy. Eat a lot of pasta, drink a lot of good wine and limoncello (but make sure that it is produced in the Amalfi coast or Capri and not in Milan), and have a wonderful time in my country!
Very nice pictures!!!

Vampire Hours said...

I will, Marco! The lemoncello was made by someone's was very good (so was the homemade teramisu).

Anonymous said...

Oh my God I'm SO jealous of you! Have great time...take more pretty photos!