Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kathy arrived!

Sorry I couldn't post this last night, but Kathy and her team got there for a quick "Hello" and then told everyone that they were gonna start boarding the plane...with Kathy taking tickets at the entrance.


I give her a LOT of credit....she couldn't have been nicer or more patient with everyone, taking pictures with anyone who wanted them. EVERYONE wanted them and she treated everyone like they were the only one. The entire Air New Zealand staff was great too...they really seemed to be enjoying themselves (look at the lovely balloon sculpture the real ticket lady was fashioning).


I was madly trying to upload those pics last night, but the line went down quickly and the airport connection was wonky, so I had to close down and get in line too. I was one of the last people on and Kathy still smiled and joked with me too. Again...she must have patience of steel or some really good medications (I might have to get some of those too).


The flight was fun and crazy, but not out of hand. Kathy did a little standup and walked around with her "DList" crew as they filmed many bits which should make for an interesting upcoming episode. This morning, she helped them pass out breakfast to everyone and during the "Hot Man" contest...


She came running down the aisles, wearing only her bra and pants screaming "Pick me!" funny. Of course my camera didn't capture it (oh, the swearing that occurred when I realized that), so this graphic is a pic of someone else's shot....not great, but you get the picture.


We all got into Sydney a couple hours ago, got through customs pretty easily and then said goodbyes and went on our various ways. Here is a shot of Tiffany, Tom and Jessica (her "co-stars"). Tom's expression doesn't really match how he was on the flight...he was having as much fun as everyone else. I tell you, that Dlist crew works hard for their money (so hard for it, honey) and were all really cool/nice people. They seem to all have a good time working together and making it fun for them too, which is refreshing.


I've just checked into my wanted to do an update before I crashed for a much-needed nap. Me so tired.....

A VERY special thanks to Joe at JoeMyGod (one of my favorite blogs) for linking to me last night as I was typing away at the airport. He is the first person to link to my new blog...and you know how you never forget your first's always special. If you don't already read his blog, you should.

Must nap now....


Rich said...

It really isn't quite every day that a woman goes screaming up the aisle of an aircraft on an international flight wearing nothing but a bra and panties. I'd venture to guess that it was a first for all involved. No?

Vampire Hours said...

Well, if you discount any plane with Britney or Lindsay, I'd say you were probably right.