Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It always seems like you have enough time...

But, as I found this morning, I was running around right up to the point when SuperShuttle showed up at the house. As we were on our way to the airport, I realized that I had packed a full suitcase and still forgot to actually pack my nice "from this decade" casual t-shirts. DOH! I saw them in the closet, I put one on, then went back to madly shoving everything else in...and forgot all about them. I also realized that I had packed the wrong bathing suit, as in, one I haven't worn in years....the one with no elastic in the waistband..."great". I'll just have to do some shopping there.


Then, I got to the airport and my luggage was 4 pounds over the limit. I tried to tell her that it was impossible, since I had obviously left my nice shirts at home...it must be lighter. She hasn't smiled since the early 60's and just continued her disapproving stare down at my tattered suitcase and said that is would be $80 extra if I didn't lose some stuff. Hmmm...never had that issue before... So, I rummaged through my luggage, made sure she saw my underwear (still...no smile), pulled out my Lonely Planet guidebooks to Australia and New Zealand (3 pounds total...geez!) and she let me go. I left the guidebooks there on a counter for some other lonely traveler who might need three pounds of reading material.


I got into San Francisco airport about 20 minutes ago and they are decorating the Air New Zealand ticket terminal for the "Pink Flight". Lots of feather boas draped around and not a ticket agent in sight. Since the actual counters are closed until 6:30...I'm sitting off to the side typing on my luggage (well, typing on my laptop...and that's on my luggage). Will try to post more later.

P.S. TMobile owns the "internets" at the LA and SF airports...so I had to buy a day pass if I wanted to use the WiFi. Evil bastards...


Rich said...

Ummm..You paid at least 3 grand for this and they're dinging you for a lousy 4 extra lbs baggage? Chee-rist! THAT is harsh customer service!
Oh well...may your face never recover from all the hot men who will throw themselves on it!
have loads 'o fun and I can't wait to read all the dish!

Vampire Hours said...

LOL....thankfully the airfare wasn't near that much (I'm a budget traveler and all)...but the 4 pound difference only seemed to be an issue at LAX (of course). No trouble at all once I got to SF and Sydney...thankfully. =)