Tuesday, February 26, 2008

G'Day Mates!

I'll be heading off to Australia tomorrow night (Tuesday) around 11:30 pm (YAWN!) for a few weeks. I still have to pack everything, which seems to be taking much longer than I thought. Not because I have a lot to pack...but because I'm doing everything else BUT packing.

However, if all goes well, I'll soon be on my 14 hour flight to Sydney, Australia JUST in time to enjoy their annual Mardi Gras event. The festivities will actually start off on my plane, with the hilarious Kathy Griffin hosting the Pink Flight, along with drag queen performers and special drinks (all liquor is included on Air New Zealand flights...why haven't I flown with them before?).


Yes...it's gonna be a plane-load (I said "load") of drunken drag queens, large wig boxes and Kathy Griffin for 14 hours.

It'll either be a lot of fun or 14 hours of hellish screeching and drunken chaos (something I promised my parole officer I wouldn't do AGAIN on a plane...if I could help it).

Must attempt to pack now...

I will try to post from the flight gate tomorrow night, if I can find a wifi area. I'm very curious to see how this whole thing is gonna go.


Mark Ward said...

I am so envious (of both the trip and Kathy)! I saw her last show at the Chicago Theatre. Love her! Have fun, Ken!

gonoles84 said...
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gonoles84 said...

Well, that's what you get for trying to post a comment from your Blackberry in the middle of a boring work dinner....

Bon voyage, mister! I have a feeling you can count on drunken chaos with a dash of hellish screeching. Oh, please don't forget to tell Kathy I said, "Hey!"

We'll miss you but I look forward to traveling vicariously through your blawg.

atringham said...

Wow! Looks like you're already gettin' the party started (song by Pink in case you didn't catch that witty pun).
Anyway, take lots of notes and photos because you probably won't remember much of your trip from the sounds of things.
Have a great time!

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...the party got started and pretty much continued until we landed (as you'll see by the lastest post). Not as much hellish screeching, so that was nice. =)