Thursday, February 28, 2008

First full day in Sydney


Took this shot this morning when I wandered down the street a few blocks to get something to eat. It's down near the water and was my first view of the city (other than flying over it). It keeps threatening to rain, so I didn't hang out too long before heading back to the room.

Travel note: Bring a portable umbrella with you always.

Yes, you may look like a tourist carrying it (locals seem to not care about being soaked in the rain), but you'll be glad you did if Mother Nature decides to do a full release flush of the city. It was raining so hard when I got here yesterday, that the cab driver pulled up to the curb and said "I popped the trunk for you", which translated to "There is no way I'm steppin' out of this cab, yank.". So, I took out my wee umbrella, clutched my backpack and flight bag tightly to my chest like Meryl Steep with her kids at the "You must choose one" station in "Sophie's Choice", stepped out of the cab into 6 inches of rushing water, wrestled my "overweight" suitcase out of the trunk and dragged them all, moist but intact, into the hotel.

The people at the Springfield Lodge were great, got me all checked in and even gave me a plug adapter to use after the one I bought in the states (which Best Buy and the packaging claimed worked here. Not so much...). The room is actually pretty nice, considering this is listed as a budget hotel.


Hardwood floors, a nice window and a pretty comfy queen bed for about $80 AUS a night (about $74/night US). I have my own bathroom with a shower (not as common in budget places) that, although scaled to fit Linda Hunt more comfortably, works just dandy...


Plus a desk area with an internet connection ($7/per day rate for a week stay), side storage closet with enclosed shelving, TV, and a little fridge. It's not the Ritz, but it's clean, bright and bug and odor-free, works for me.

If only my shower had this kind of pressure....or any pressure for that matter...


But...I can adapt.

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