Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The gate party....

It's only 9:00 pm and no sign of Kathy Griffin....she'll be here soon. But, the party at the gate is fun. They have a DJ (no..."boom box"...disappointed), free food and free....liquor! Amen! After three Pink Martini's...I thought I'd post before things got ugly. I'll try to post after Kathy gets here....if not, definitely when I get to Sydney.

Here are some highlights:

The plane has a pink feather boa and eye lashes...


Drinks are free.....FREE I tell you!


There are many photo opps with the drag queens/stewardesses/pilots....


The whole gate is full of pink light, music and such...enjoyable.



gonoles84 said...

Your pink flight made Towleroad today! He posted some video from the CBS affiliate in SF, but I haven't been able to watch it yet....I'm at work and all. I'll keep an eye out for you in the clip.

Gin & Regret said...

Gurl, you know its sad for me when your plane looks better in drag than I do!
I'm off on the Atlantis cruise in 2 days, but will look forward to your blog when I'm back in Boston!

Vampire Hours said...

Hey guys...just read the towleroad article. It was pretty crazy, but fun. "Gin"...I'm sure you'll look fine in your Atlantis drag...you're a pretty lady.