Saturday, March 22, 2008

From the house plants...


Joel...I got an odd email this morning from the two house plants in the living room and I thought I'd just post it here for you (since they indicated they've emailed you several times with no response). Their grammar is a bit off (probably because it's hard to type with only vines to hit the keys with), but they seem to be trying to tell you something.

It's easier if I just copy/paste it into here, since I can't find a good online Plant-to-English translator site.

PleEse tell skinY humin with many jacket and loNG, flowy hare that wee is thirzTy and nEad cleer liquEdd from shIni spout en pLace wheir filthE dish and mani glaSSis is stackt. Ef hIm cUld pOOt down onE minite hims many bOOzie drinKKs end fill hiMs glass wif cleer liquidd thatt do knot cum from boTTel on Hi shelf, weez wood maiBe lIves longgerr. Hour leevEs be wrinkLi and mani fall to dusti wud surfice doWWn beloww. PleEse hellp US sUUne or wez knot B hear whenN U git baCk from tripp Ovr oSHun.



Weez kan here othR plantz en potZ on paTyO skrEEming for sum two. It B awfull two here en thuh nite, thuh skreeming uf R frenz on thUH outsYde of thiz struKTure.
PleEse hery? Wee iZ SeW week.

I think they might want some water, but I'm not sure.

I'll keep looking for the online translation site...

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