Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wandering around Melbourne


I decided to jump on the train and head into the heart of the city today. It was almost 100 degrees, so the "perfect" day to be wandering around aimlessly. Melbourne has a really good public transportation system. They have trains, trams and trolley cars (Oh, MY!). They have two trolley cars that take you on a loop around the major parts of the city for free. Free is always within my budget.


The downtown area is very walkable, with lots of the usual shops and some cool little areas between buildings, like this eatery above. I had planned to have a quick McLunch before my journey, but the lines were so long and, I would have waited a little longer...until the quiet woman in front of me asked this little girl to go ask her friends "Who wanted a sundae?". The kid ran back and said "We need 17 sundaes" and proceeded to break them down into various flavors and special requests.

YEAH...that was gonna be a quick order....

So, rather than flip out into a "For the love of God....17 SUNDAES?!" interpretive dance...I immediately turned around and headed to the "Hungry Jacks" (Burger King) next door and filled my pie-hole there.

Taking the trolley was a good idea and enabled everyone to get on/off at any stop and then pick it back up when we were done seeing an area. I spent some time at the docks area, where all the boats and fancy apartments/condos were. There were also some interestingly designed little shops there...


Chip, chippery...chip chippery...chip, chip, charooo....


Then I spotted this cool/funky set of metal stand-up "ladies" in front of one of the shops....


It looks like a painting, doesn't it? It's like a metallic collage of Madonna-Sandra Bernhart-esque gals with their dogs. They even looked a bit bitchy.


Oh, there is a large boxy cow in a tree. I don't know what it signifies...but you don't see that every day.

I also stopped off at the new Melbourne Museum, which I'll talk about tomorrow. However, I will leave you with this little sneak peek....


That sign wasn't a all.

And those white lines across the photo...not string, not tape...



gonoles84 said...

Jesus H. Christ!! Who knew that Australier was a bastion for spiders??!! Web crossings, whizzing possums,'s like a friggin Tim Burton movie.

Unknown said...

Ummmm...let me see if I got this straight. Your first day sightseeing in new city, and your agenda is Burger King, and a trip down to the docks. seems to me you managed to make it to the docks in Syndey too. What's so intriging about the docks, Ken? BARNACLES?

cindytown said...

I'm incapable of commenting on the spider warnings... I'm incapable of commenting on the giant spider webs... I'm incapable of getting a proper gander at that large cow item - could you post a closer shot of that?

Y'know how I enjoy all things moo. :-)