Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mardi Gras Part Two


I had lunch with a group of guys from South Africa yesterday afternoon. They were all very nice and fun to hang out with. It was very interesting to hear them talk about their country and how much they enjoy living in Sydney....especially compared to all of the difficulties in South Africa. They were talking about how power has to be "shared" now in certain parts of the country. You would get power/electricity for a certain amount of the day, then it's shut off and transferred to another part of the city. I'm sure the locals "love" that. We ate at a hotel restaurant just around the corner from where I'm staying, so that was an easy commute. So many restaurants and coffee shops around here to grab a snack or beverage...all within walking distance, which is enjoyable.


Well, the last of the Mardi Gras festivities were last night. Most of the bars were packed with people who had stayed up all night at the big party (oh, the kids and their "enhanced" party ways) and visitors spending one last night out drinking. Of course, I had to join. So, I met up with my friend Steve (he was feeling much better after his bout of "discomfort" from the night before) for dinner and then we hung out at one of the bars for a while.


One of the drag queens from our flight to Sydney showed up and said " American husband!" and gave me a big hug. She's a big gal (the hat alone was at least a foot tall), so that was funny. She (Miss Ribena) is based in Auckland, so perhaps I'll be seeing my "wife" again in a week or so. As you can tell by her expression, we've been "married" far too long and, I fear, she may be losing interest. Relationships are so challenging....


Steve and I went to one of the "Recovery" parties around midnight. It's an odd name, since most of the people who go to these parties are probably on the shortlist for an actual Recovery Program sometime soon. But, I guess that is part of the whole experience for some of the people, so they continue partying with little-to-no sleep through Sunday night too. There were two parties and they were both a bit pricey ($40 - $50 each), so Steve and I went to the cheaper one and were told that, although we didn't have tickets...we could pay at the door. The good thing about that for us was that the three door guys were far more interested in chatting than watching the we just walked right in without paying. I know, it's not really "right" to do...but I choose to see it as a lesson for the staff to pay more attention to the customers than their latest nipple ring.


Well...I think it's time for me to put on my shiny outfit, tease up my colored hair and jump into my Quisp spaceship and go get something to eat. I've found this restaurant, I think they call it "Subway", that is on almost every corner and it's pretty good. Eating fresh never tasted so good...


lisaasil said...

Yay world traveler! What a blast! What fun to be able to see your posts and pix from around the globe! The future is now!!! And it's full of bats!!

Mark Ward said...

Come to think of it...I have never seen you and Jared in the same room. Eat Fresh!

Vampire Hours said...

I saw bats flying around last night...they look just like birds from afar, except for the fat bellys, pointy wings, shrieking and guano.

I ate a little less fresh than I thought, but the McDonalds is a half a block away and more affordable. Jared will have to work on his pricing and locale.

gonoles84 said...

Quisp!!! You are fucking killing me, Ken. What fun! I love it when you tease your blue hair.