Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mardi Gras...Part One


I've just got a few minutes before heading out to lunch, but thought I'd post a quick update about the parade last night. Overall, the parade itself was a bit disappointing and I'll get more into that later. The floats were...well...the one above was about the most colorful. Lots of semi-decorated trucks pulling or carrying random semi-clad people up the street. I probably was expecting more of a Rose Parade-type parade, especially considering it was the 30th Anniversary of the parade. I didn't dislike it, but I did leave front row viewing to watch the last part of it on a TV in a bar.


I hung out with my friend Steve from the flight. He is from Louisianna and is also traveling alone. He thinks he had some bad curry yesterday (and we all know where this is going....), so he had to head back to his hotel and recover a bit.

I think I'll keep that off my menu for a while...just in case.

Speaking of indigestion...I do have to go eat now, but I'm not gonna eat at THIS place...


At least they warn you ahead of time.


Mark Ward said...

Beware the vegemite sandwich! ("can you hear, can you hear the thunder?")

Vampire Hours said...

LOL! I will also avoid that (I don't want to hear the "thunder").

Sissy said...

OMG! That must have been named by the same folks who named my favorite Thai restaurant..."The Poo-Ping Palace!"

I am not making this up.