Sunday, March 9, 2008

How could I pass this up?


I's a steak...for $7 with NO conditions (I always ask for my conditions on the side anyway). If they went to the trouble of making a sign for's kind of rude not to try one.


Nice presentation, a little salad, some nice fries from France and smothered in mushroom sauce. I would have paid $8 for it WITH conditions.

After eating $6.99 worth of my meal (there was a wee chewy bit) and watching the doorman throw a girl who looked like Lucy Lui out of the bar for being too drunk and loud (and she was), I took a stroll over to Vomit Bar, since it appeared to be very busy. I figured I'd hold my breath and peek in to see what brought the kids out...


I had no idea that Eve Arden was so popular over here. I'm sorry...."her" name was "Anita Drink" and, frankly....she'd had more than enough drinks.

I snapped that picture, then this one of a large plastic Tarzan holding a feather boa (I don't remember that part from the Disney movie)...


Then got out into the night air without having to sample any of the "air" inside the bar. I don't know how the rest of the kids can hang out there all night. Keeping their noses deep inside their drinks probably helps...

Oh....I completely forgot to mention that most of the bars in the city (maybe in the country) have gambling rooms in them. Some bars have a whole seperate room just for gambling, while others have more of an alcove, like this one...


Gambling is legal here and they know that the best people to get to gamble are drunk people and, where do you find those?

A bar.

Did I mention that the Aussies like to drink?

They do.


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