Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Touring the harbour


I decided to head back down to the harbour (where the big ole bridge and opera house live) yesterday. When I dropped by there last weekend, it was pretty overcast and rained off and on...so didn't get many good pics. But, yesterday was beautiful...clear and sunny.



One of the great things about this city is that it is so easy to walk around, if you've got the energy. The streets are very clean (they sweep them every night), people are friendly, and, although there are some homeless people, you rarely see them and, when you do, they never swarm all over you like they do in Los Angeles. I actually sat outside of a Starbucks yesterday (which is located right across the street from a big park) and didn't get approached by one homeless person the entire half hour that I was there.

Which was great, because people were really generous with their change as I sat there and asked them for it.


I also enjoy the architecture here. The city has a vast assortment of design options, many with buildings created with curves and angles. That can't be an easy thing to do. You also don't see any cheap stucco condos strewn about the city. There are a variety of design styles that all seem to co-exist just fine together. Good mix of old and new (just like the people).



I went out for just a short while last night, pretty slow all around. I guess even the Aussies need at least one day to detox.

Oh...you know what's worse than a bar that smells like vomit? A bar that smells like vomit that ALSO hosts a Karoake night!

I was back to the room early, as you can imagine....


Unknown said...

You're squinting in all of your pictures. You're worse than me. Start opening your eyes, or you won't have anything to post on Manhunt or Adam4Adam.

To prove I miss you, I had the perfect "Tootsie" set up today, and I couldn't use it. I knew the person wouldn't understand...and I thought: I could tell Ken, if he were around.

And don't ask anymore people for change. They'll think you're some vulnerable, unfortunate tourist. Next thing you know you're in the back of a van, with a burlap sack over your head, being carted off to who knows where, to be sold into white slavery.

Vampire Hours said...

My smile has always been kind of squinty, unfortunately, ya' bastard. If I had my electric cattle-prod, I would zap you in right in the badoobies. =)

Vampire Hours said...

Grrr....can't edit the comments section. That would be "Zap you right in the badoobies!"

Mark Ward said...

It's true, Ken. You've become my favorite Asian (next to that charming William Shatner). Wouldn't it be interesting if your eyes opened wide when you pooped?

gonoles84 said...

Oh, I thought maybe you misspelled "badoobies."