Thursday, December 16, 2010

A King's Farewell


Larry King airs his last regular Larry King Live episode tonight after 25 years on the show...

After 25 years, Larry King's record-breaking run as CNN's prime-time, talk-show host ends Thursday night with a grand finale staffers are calling "Larrypalooza."

Led by friend and protégé Ryan Seacrest, a star-studded collection of guests will pay tribute. King will say his goodbyes. And then the set, with its horseshoe-shaped desk and familiar backdrop of multicolored dots, will fade to black.

"It's sad," King said, "but there's a time to go. You know when it's time."

I'm planning to record it tonight, even through Ryan Seacrest is hosting the finale tribute before he takes over Larry's show next year. Honestly, must Ryan host everything these days? I'm sure Mario Lopez was available.


I have watched Larry interview a variety of people over the years, but mostly just tuned in when he had Kathy Griffin on because she was always about five steps ahead of him during any interview and he just sat there like a deer caught in headlights.

I doubt we'll see Kathy making any appearances on Ryan's version of the show. They don't quite get along as well as she and Larry do.

Of course, of all the times he appeared live over the years, this is still my favorite moment ever.


Now that's an up-doo!

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