Monday, January 10, 2011

The Falcon and the Snowplow


A few days ago, we started to notice a Falcon (the bird, not an Atlanta football player) hanging out in the trees here in the complex, so the squirrels have been understandably nervous. And they aren't the only ones...


"You take one more picture of me and I'm gonna grab you by the skull and take you up to my lair for dinner."

I decided to leave him alone after a couple of quick shots.


We also got a big snowstorm here in Atlanta last night. It started around 8 and was really fun to watch as the large fluffy flakes drifted down and covered everything all around us. My friend Chris, visiting from LA, was enjoying it thoroughly.

However, it wasn't so much fun to drive in because the freezing rain started a couple hours later and the snow-fearing Atlantians all decided that they should just turn on their hazard lights and only drive about two miles per hour, which naturally stranded most of them on any hill or incline that they encountered.

Honestly, Ethel!




A friend from Ohio emailed me today and said "You picked a good time to move from sunny LA to Atlanta."

Believe it or not, I actually kinda like it.

The city is pretty much shut down today because they only seem to have one or two snow plows and their first priority doesn't appear to be clearing out any road near my neighborhood.

Oh well...guess we'll just have to stay in and relax today.


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