Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Shaft


Diana Muldaur joined the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation as Dr. Katherine Pulaski (oddly replacing Gates McFadden's Dr. Crusher for only this season). Many people don't know that Ms. Muldaur also had previously appeared twice on the original Star Trek series playing two different characters (one with an up-do and one with a down-do).


I had remembered that and was really looking forward to her being on TNG that year. Honestly, she was the only "human-acting" character on the show at the time (the other actors didn't really relax into their characters until the third season when they finally got to wear something other than a tight spandex onesie and were allowed to crack a smile once in a while).


And, just as oddly, Ms. Muldaur was replaced by....Gates McFadden's Dr. Crusher for the following season and beyond.

I was sad to see her go and she really wasn't given much of a proper goodbye. She was just gone and Dr. Crusher was back.

Of course, years later, Ms. Muldaur would make one of TV's all-time most-memorable character "goodbyes" during her run on LA Law as the mean-spirited Rosalind Shays. She was awful to just about everyone and always seemed to somehow avoid any kind of Karmic payback, until this shocking opening to one of their regular episodes....

I will never forget the loud gasp I made when that happened.

Shocking....and HI-larious!

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