Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Avada Kedavra!!

 photo 64285bca-bfb8-4aaa-8790-f0fedc145d1c_zps8e01c8b4.jpg

Hello nightmares....

Can you imagine living every moment of your day in constant, unshakable fear of running into a evil-looking red-haired clown holding a bouquet of balloons?

Well, that is the exact description of daily life for the residents of Northampton, England, who are presently being terrorized by a "spooky clown" of unknown origin. Local police have issued a warning following multiple sightings of the costumed creep — or creeps.

If I looked out the window and saw that visual...the paramedics would need to rent a backhoe to clean out my underwear.

That's messed up.

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KDS said...

Down here they all float!?...wuaaahhhhhh!!