Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What's that smell?

 photo 0f0ac9c6-98a7-4ff4-b97a-b0019aa4052f_zpsc421c02c.jpg

Kellan Lutz is starring in Legend of Hercules, which opens on Friday.

It looks like it's gonna be awful...

 photo 47bd37dd-9123-4997-a8c6-a10da995a125_zpsced8c124.jpg

 photo e3bb432e-d9ad-47bc-baae-49cd157d7de8_zps8aed71ed.jpg

 photo d75564fc-3fe6-43ac-bca6-6bf5735c756e_zpsc5662d00.jpg

 photo 3de3c6ab-47e2-4557-8bd9-790ad8d677b9_zps75235fc0.jpg

 photo cdddb0c2-56bc-43c1-a4ea-e083fea22863_zps14008221.jpg

I mean, awfully perfect for OnDemand viewing in two months.

After I've watched every other movie I wanted to see OnDemand.

Here's the trailer....

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