Thursday, March 20, 2014

Please do!

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Now this is exciting news....

HBO‘s The Comeback, is eyeing a comeback. HBO is in discussions with the series creators/executive producers Michael Partick King, who also served as director, and Lisa Kudrow, who toplined the show, about doing a new installment almost a decade after the first season. It is being envisioned as a limited/event series. 

The Comeback, which debuted in June 2005, was a docu-style single-camera comedy starring Kudrow as washed-up sitcom actress Valerie Cherish, who gets a reality show documenting her attempt at a career comeback with a role on a new sitcom. Although the series didn’t go beyond the 13-episode first season, it did earn three Emmy nominations, including a lead actress nom for Kudrow and a directing nom for King.

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OMG...I loved this show. It was so funny and, although painful to watch at times (because she always managed to get humiliated in some way every show), you were usually crying most from laughing so hard.

Plus, Lisa Kudrow is always just so frickin' hilarious.

I have really missed Valerie Cherish and Aunt Sassy.

Here's a little taste...

UPDATE 4/4: HBO has picked up The Comeback for six episodes….

A source in HBO's Manhattan office confirmed what has been widely rumored for weeks now. "The Comeback " is coming back! Lisa Kudrow's shortlived but much-loved series will receive a six-episode reboot -- "Revisitting 'The Comeback' 10 Years Later" -- and will feature all of the main characters, including Kellan Lutz, Malin Ackerman, Mickey, Paulie G., etc.


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