Monday, October 6, 2014

Coffee Talk

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It was announced today that Showtime is bringing back Twin Peaks...exciting!

Twin Peaks fans’ quarter-century wait is over. One of the top cult series of all time is coming back with a new limited series on Showtime from its original creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost. The nine-episode series will go into production in 2015 for a premiere in 2016 to mark the 25th anniversary of when the series finished its run on ABC. In a fact that will delight Twin Peaks devotees, Lynch and Frost will write and produce all nine episodes, with Lynch set to direct every episode.

The new Twin Peaks will be set in the present day, more than two decades after the events in the first two seasons. It will continue the lore and story of the original series, with Lynch and Frost committed to providing long-awaited answers. Kyle MacLachlan hinted at his return as Cooper on Twitter later today: “Better fire up that percolator and find my black suit

I loved the first season of this series and am glad that David Lynch will be writing and directing every episode.

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Time to stock up on some cherry pie and logs.

Yes...I said "log".

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