Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Glory Days

 photo 043b7de6-4881-4af8-856e-d53fb4bf7cc0_zps2bd9ed14.jpg

I happened upon a few of artist Juan Carlos Ruiz Burgos' superhero tributes to the old Saturday Evening Post magazine.

 photo d9fd7490-0f05-47d7-9ff0-3d6e1835435c_zps9da900ef.jpg

 photo 9c0bc712-6c8a-467f-a39e-ed371007e811_zps560bfaf3.jpg

It's funny that they used Chief O'Hara from the 1966 Batman TV series in the last one. I think if any of his Catwomen on the show had actually dressed like that…his expression would have been a lot more pervy.

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