Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cold shoulder

 photo f5d5687c-649a-4a35-9a0a-2d36767b7aca_zpsf2d65e17.jpg

It was minus ONE degree here in Chicago this morning and we're also supposed to get snow for the next two days.

Spring better be F-ing amazing or Mother Nature is gonna get a fresh box of whoop-ass in place of her Chiffon.

 photo 7a29d655-712a-40c8-bb5d-c9189f7b4f71_zps0dd80a60.jpg


Unknown said...

That is such a beautiful picture!

Vampire Hours said...

Yeah...I love that pic. If it only looked like that all the time when it snowed, it would be awesome. Right now, there is a lot of blackish snow piled up all around with a lot of yellow spots from the local folks walking their dogs. LOL