Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Super Suits

 photo db489398-5187-4d88-b19f-d9b7e173f644_zpsdjrzahxq.png

The Licensing Expo in LA allowed fans to take a much closer look at the upcoming costumes for Batman vs Superman and they were especially happy with the detail on what Wonder Woman will be wearing..

 photo 5a2a6784-76f9-42c9-977a-1a7027bc513d_zpsertlv46t.png

 photo b94b9dc9-f13b-4dba-ac15-07362ed01090_zpspmdpnbmp.png

Looks like she's got a fancy shield and sword to go along with her magic lasso, which is kind of cool.

There weren't any pictures of her invisible jet, for obvious reasons.

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