Monday, September 14, 2015

Small Screen Gems

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Several smaller movies are coming out that, from their trailers, look really good and should probably be added to your must-see list as Fall and Winter approach.

The first, is a movie called The Room (based on the popular book)...about a boy raised in a single room who believes that is all there is of the world, until he and his mother escape their captor and have to integrate into society.

The Room opens November 6th.

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The second is The Danish Girl, based on the true story of the first male to successfully have gender-reassignment surgery.

The Danish Girl opens November 27th.

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The third is a movie called Youth, starring Michael Caine. The cinematography looks beautiful and the story looks quite endearing.

Youth opens December 4th.

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And the fourth, is a movie called Carol, starring Cate Blanchett as a socialite in a loveless marriage who falls for a local shop girl.

Carol opens November 20th.

So....LOTS of quiet/thought-provoking movies coming up with great casts to give your brain a distraction from the usual Crash-Boom of the action/adventure movies that have been clogging the theaters the past few months.

Your ears and heart will certainly appreciate the break.

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